Saturday, January 10, 2009


Gave everybody ivermectin, much to their dismay. Nobody's ill-mannered, mind you, but they obviously hate it. I call them up to the truck and halter whoever comes up first, then deworm my victim, give my victim a treat for being good, and repeat. The first horse is always surprised and dismayed, and the other two become very wary. But greed always wins in the end.

It turned off chilly overnight, and it's cloudy and damp. I tried to get excited about riding Poppy or Promise, but I just wasn't feeling it. K agreed that it's a gross day, so we just stood around and talked for an hour then headed home.

Now I'm going to watch football and drink beer and cook something tasty. It's a perfect day for that at least!


  1. i've got one demented horse who begs for his wormer and licks the whole tube clean after. i wonder if he hasn't figured out that it's medicine and thinks i'm just helping him out by injecting food items directly into his mouth...

    glad you had a day to relax a bit. after a miserable day in the cold and snow, i've got boiling on the stove one of my favorite cold weather comfort foods - mac and cheese. hey, i worked hard! that goes with beer, right? i think i'll find out... :-)

  2. Hahah, I wish I could see your dewormer-lovin horse!

    I made this fantastic roasted garlic soup and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Incredibly rich but fairly healthy! Use homemade stock if you try it; I think that's the secret ingredient.

  3. haha! That horse sounds hilarious!
    I may try your fairly healthy soup~

  4. yeah, he's an oddball but we love him :-)

    that soup sounds amazing. my mouth was watering just looking at the photos... i'm a pathetic cook, but i might have to give it a try anyway. thanks!


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