Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh, pictures!

I stole these from K's facebook. She won't mind.

Here's Promise. Yes, she's still thin, but she's gained a lot of weight and has a much improved (read: bitchier) disposition now! Also her right ear is permanently bent sideways. I don't know the story behind that.

Here's a few of me on Poppy. See the stupid wide muck boots? Also I know I'm leaning forward a bit :( but in my defense the ground slopes and I overcompensate.

Cersei is rather reckless. She knows Poppy will squash her and keeps a sharp eye on him, but she just has to run with us.


  1. You're wearing a tank top?!? We got about 6 inches of snow in the last two hours.

    I hate to see you (or anyone for that matter, but I like you) riding without a helmet, but at least you're not smoking a cigarette :)

    Poppy seems to be going well, and your seat is definitely improving. Are you going to be riding him regularly?

    trapt: Me in the snow for the first day of work after the holidays. Shame.

  2. It was almost 70 / 21 yesterday! A glorious day. Today it got stupidly cold again - it's 40 / 4 and raining right now. (Yes, it's almost freezing and therefore "cold.")

    I have a helmet dammit and I did in fact consider wearing it yesterday! That's progress :)

    I'm glad to hear that you think I'm improving. I think I am, but without a picture record it's hard to know.

  3. Nice big horsey!
    WOW.yea Tank??!! It is snowing here and icing again ick- blaw- de- de- blaw- blaw!
    I think you looked good, not too leaning..but yea..helmet and elbows stay forward with hands not crossing the pommel.Just need shorter riens is all. Maybe that big animal lurched!

    clext = clergy in the front of the line


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