Friday, January 16, 2009

I told yall I was hardcore

It was all of 18 degrees out when I ventured out to ride. Yep, I rode. I decided it was entirely too cold for a bit, and too cold for a possibly sweaty horse, so I rode Champ in a halter. We just went on a very leisurely walk through the woods. Cersei was entranced by the ice in the trail puddles and kept walking around on them. (ICE THAT HOLDS UP A 65 LB DOG AAAA) I was more entranced by the thin but solid sheets of ice on all the lakes. (ICE ON THE LAKES AAAAAAAA) I got really cold at one point, so I posted the walk for a while and two-pointed for a bit. Then we stopped by one of the big back lakes for Champ to graze, so I kicked out of the stirrups and waggled my feet around til they came back to life. Yeah, we still have green (albeit frozen) grass in a couple places.

I got back to the truck and discovered that one of the horses had kicked out one of my taillights. Sigh. I suspect the expensive spotted one did it. :( In retribution I put her in crossties and rasped a tiny bit of her inside front feet where I think they're too long. She stood really nicely, which is unusual for her, so I kept it really short.


  1. You're my sort of rider! You'd do well in a crappy English winter!

  2. you're my new hero ;-) that is hardcore... or just nuts! and your horses sounds very cool to want to be out there. glad you had a good day despite the weather.

  3. Good on ya gal...ya knwo I would have been with ya too!

  4. Well you're right, you are hard core or maybe just slightly crazy. Glad you didn't get frostbite or something. That's just way too cold for me.

  5. WHP, Kacey, I know yall would've been right there with me. We are people who just have to ride, no matter what!

    JME - Champ is a super good natured horse. Remember Dressage in Jeans' post about "broke" horses? Champ is broke, without having had his spirit broken. He thought we should go home a few times, but I just hauled his head back around and nudged him and away we went again.

    Grey Horse - There was no wind at all, which helped a lot. I hate the cold too, but I hate being cooped up at home unable to go anywhere worse.

  6. Holy crap funder!
    Take some pics of Cersei on the ice and the frozen lakes if you can!


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