Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh my god, we're gonna die

I just woke up and there's a ton of huge fat snowflakes pouring down from the sky. This is not our usual piddly "little balls of white styrofoam" this is real snow. They didn't forecast snow, and we're down to our last half-gallon of precious organic milk, and we're gonna dieeeeeeeee

Horse stuff later. I have to stare at this odd event.


  1. I guess it's a pretty rare site to see snow down there. We had it on and off all day yesterday, but we are used to it.

    I've always wondered why whenever there is a forecast for snow everyone runs out and gets bread and milk, even if you know they don't need it. There will be another day when milk is still available in the store after the storm.

  2. I don't know why everybody else wants milk, but this entire household runs on iced coffee and milk.

    My husband won't stop screaming about how we're going to be snowed in any minute now so I'm going to look for milk right now.

  3. Oh Har!
    Wow Fund, how long's it been for the white flakes your way?
    Amazing stuff this year!
    T answer here as well as doing it an my comment area...The double reins are purely for "Wieght". It is a training devise my sissy told me to try for the mare. I buckle them nto the grap strap and go. she seems to like it I am going to try with out then with again in a weeks and see what gives.

    stoks stores that stock up for storms

  4. Haha, the last time it snowed here was March '08. I had to DRIVE in like TWO INCHES of snow to go take a bar exam test which turned out to have been cancelled.

    Apparently it's only going to snow til noon. After the inauguration I'm going to ride in the (tiny bit of) snow!

  5. Ha! Good luck digging yourselves out. Milk would be the first thing on my mind too. Good thing we can walk to the General Store.

    prans: prams for grannys

  6. Oh no! Enough snow to make a whole FOOTPRINT is headed in your direction! We encourage you to steal food and gas! If you are an elderly American, you will not make it through this storm.

  7. The snow was a bit of a letdown, true. But it's terrifying when it really DOES snow! Here's a story from last time it snowed. The city doesn't plow or salt, nobody has chains, we don't clean snow off of our cars, and we don't know how to drive either. It's like the end of the world when it snows!

    Just wait. It's coming. White Death '09, the blizzard that ate Memphis.


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