Thursday, October 29, 2009

And now for something completely different!

How to make a birthday cake, by Funder.

First, stick the Frangelico in the freezer.

Line a pan with wax paper and grease and flour it.

Assemble your stuff (or prepare your mise in place, if you're not a redneck!)

Whip it all into a thick delicious batter.

Woah look at that, it's a cake!

Make some real classic buttercream frosting...

Whip in some melted (and cooled) chocolate!

Secret frosting-taming weapon.


Oh shit, get the Frangelico out before it freezes and pour yourself a drink.

Not cake related: Rock out!


  1. Too funny. So how long does your birthday last? :) A week?

  2. Hey, life is short - I open my presents as I get them! The official Day of Cake and Drinking has come and gone, though.

  3. What fun, do enjoy. Bummer that we live about five thousand miles apart. Otherwise I'd drop by for a drink and a slice of that cake - oh, and bring a present too - drinkable preferably.

  4. Someone's been hanging out in GWS!

    I like the Day of Cake and Drinking. I think that I need to steal this idea.

  5. Julian - one day, when I finally make it across the pond, we'll have to meet up. Have a pint in a pub and I can meet the big roan boy. And if you come to the West Coast, come meet my spotted roan!

    Sara, GWS is my favorite place to lurk. Everybody deserves the occasional cake, and OMG homemade is so much better.

  6. Funder, you're doing it all wrong!

    You pour the drink before you start baking. This way, if you're so inclined, you can also pour it into the cake (well, use discretion here. But I am usually drinking rum, which goes very well in my cake).

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with this ritual, though.

  7. Over here I'll buy you some different pints to try (we have so many beers to choose from). At your place, we'll see who is best at inebriated Guitar Hero. Oh, and we'll try to ride horses too.

  8. I saw Mel suggested the picture thing to you, and I was intreagued by the name of your blog (good choice!) I love the's interesting to see what people take pictures of

  9. HAhaha!
    Taping Knife...very cool!
    YUMMO cake dude,and the cool endurance mug(bigified the pic) for the drink...nice!
    Sorry to miss the blessed event..but HAPPY belated now!!
    like "halt near X" way too!


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