Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gone campin'

Tomorrow I am going with S and a couple of other people to Lake Lahontan! It's a reservoir about halfway to Fallon, if that means anything to you ;) S has a wee cute little camper shell on her truck, so we shall snooze and eat like civilized people. She's bringing Tempus, her gelding, and of course I'm bringing Dixie. We'll be back Sunday afternoon.

This is the first time I've been camping in any form since I was about 12. The last time I camped, it was me and my best friend Leigh Ellen, in her dad's back 40 in a cow pasture. We had a 30 year old army tent, which was missing some parts but we didn't know how to put it up anyway. I think we brought Pop-Tarts for dinner. It was raining, so we couldn't get a fire lit, and since it was raining, the tent leaked like a sieve. About 10 pm we gave up and trudged back to the house, soaking wet.

Hopefully this camping trip will go better! I don't really see how it could go worse, unless the horses run off and the truck explodes. Knock on wood.


  1. Have fun! There are a TON of really super nice trails out there. A whole section on the west side of the hwy we call "The Gym" that is our #1 winter riding spot if you don't mind the drive. Lots of great trails, especially from the Scout Camp. I've never camped and rode from the "lake" itself.

  2. Uh, honey, I'm knocking wood REALLY hard for you, because I've had plenty of trips where the truck blew up and/or the horses got loose. Really, you gotta quit tempting fate with stuff like this, and pack up your gear and GO!

    I hope you have tons of fun. Take pictures, okay?

  3. I had to catch up on months of posts, but it sounds like you and Dixie are doing great. There is nothing better than having a place that you can tack up your horse and have hours of trail riding out your driveway. I miss that and so do the horses. I've never had more snotty animals until I moved here where I can't just go ride.


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