Sunday, October 4, 2009

A bleg!

My birthday is at the end of October. Should I ask for some insulated tights? I have never ridden in anything other than jeans! It gets windy out here, and I worry that the wind is going to rip straight through my jeans and freeze me to death. But how could fleecy breeches keep me any warmer? Such a dilemma.

Who makes breeches that fit not-skinny girls? I have a small waist and a HUGE butt/thighs, and it's hard for me to find pants that fit. I am leaning toward custom Equissentials but then I'd be spending a hundred friggin dollars on pants and that kind of makes me want to faint. But that's what birthdays are for, right?

PS: I don't think $100 for custom pants is out of line, based on the labor and materials that goes in to them. I just never thought I would spend $100 on pants! I get mad when I have to drop $35 on Wranglers!


  1. I too have a small waist and "fluffy" thighs and butt. I have bought all my tights used, so I have LOTS of different brands.

    At the top of my comfort list is "EQ" tights. Not sure where to get them though.....I have noticed that the fleece tights I bought are not as stretchy as the regular tights so it's more important to not get them too tight.

  2. I have the same kind of build and I find that Kerritt stuff fits me quite well. I have a pair of Irideon tights for winter/wet riding. They are not cheap, but very awesome and a good fit.

  3. I've used both the Kerrits and Irideon insulated tights, and they both keep me toasty warm - much better than jeans. I'm not much help on fit, I'm afraid.

  4. How about flannel lined jeans? Or the other option is silk long underwear--my daughter wears LL Bean's under her police uniform and is toasty warm, but still can move easily. I've actually been known to don my insulated bib overalls over my jeans or long-johns (think Carhartt--tho my are cheap copies--well, not that cheap!). Okay for a mosey, but not very flexible...

  5. I second the long underwear under the jeans! Hot Chilis all the way, or some other good thermals would work just as well. Actually, up here in the Great North I wear two pairs of long underwear UNDER my fleece-lined winter breeches. But I'm a freeze-baby and I can't stand the cold. Totally look into wearing long undies under the jeans.

  6. You've seen my build... and I have to admit that my winter breeches are so comfy and so much warmer than jeans. The pair that I have are Ariat.

    I'm actually going to wear them to work sometime this month for our Halloween dress-up day and probably overheat. If not that, I'll just die of embarrassment. :(

  7. Ooh, yall have given me a lot of good ideas! S, the barn owner, also recommended silk tights today. I think I will go by REI and try on some silk or wool tights and maybe get some breeches too.

    I rode in cotton/spandex yoga pants under jeans today, and I was fine. It wasn't very cold though, just extremely windy and 40s.

    I have insulated coveralls for when it's brutally cold, but they're pretty awful to ride in - they really restrict my leg mobility, and I just can't remount Dixie from the ground in them. I can't get off to lead her (or fall off!) or I'm screwed. It's better than not riding, and I'm glad I have them, but they are the last line of defense.

  8. I'll second (or fourth) the recommendation for some sort of under layer. I had some UnderArmour leggings on under my cotton cargo pants on Saturday and was toasty warm all day. I've even worn the cheap cotton tights from Target or Walmart as an under layer.

    Another suggestion is some wind/water proof pants. I have a really lightweight Gortex pair that hubby bought me at Cabela's for Christmas one year. They're not warm on their own, but are perfect for laying on over the top of whatever else I'm wearing. They're a bit slick for sticking pony spooks, but worth it for living up here.

    Thanks again for helping on Saturday!

  9. 28" waist and 42" hips here, weighing in. Pun intended. :)
    I have a pair of Devon-Aire fleece-lined winter breeches that i LOVE and a pair that i hate. The ones that i hate are pull-on with a drawstring, and the ones i love have a zip fly and are super stretchy. I just bought a pair of Irideon fleece-lined breeches which ARE pull-on (no drawstring) and i love them but the sizing is screwy. They must run at least a little small--i hadda buy 1x. :( boooooo!!! Although i make myself feel better by wearing them underneath jeans which are a barely-double-digit size, so i kind of win still. Right?
    The cheap alternative that i used to rock when i was taking jumping lessons all winter--snug (like a size too small) sweatpants under schooling chaps. Toasty and economical. :) For hellaciously windy days, you can put long johns under the sweats.

  10. Oh mah GOD, second-ing the Under Armor comment. Me and my family ski, and I wouldn't be able to survive Vermont without them! Walmart makes a rip off brand that in my opinion, keeps you WARMER, but they don't breathe like under armor does.

    I have a insulated pair of irideons, and I have to say them + under armor = toasty for ANY weather.

    Good luccck!


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