Thursday, October 22, 2009


I had this whole post half-written in my head, about how I had such a good ride yesterday and then observed the horses (I felt like Kate!) but then I came home and my sneaky husband had bought me a shiny new MacBook Pro laptop for my birthday.

My old MBP is 3.5 years old and is slowly dying. It had a hard life, and it has given its all - the screen bezel has a crack, the case is warped, the CD burner drive doesn't work anymore, the battery life is under an hour, and it gets hot enough to fry eggs. But it still WORKS, and I was totally not expecting a new laptop when my current one still fulfilled all my computing needs.

Graham's work actually has provided a MBP for him, because he's the only person in the department who remotely understands OSX so he gets to do their support calls. Yesterday he called and told me that his boss sent him off to buy one, and we talked about screen sizes and stuff, and I was kinda "why are we talking about this, this is dumb, oh well I like talking to my husband." Then I went to the local BCHA meeting, which ran long, and when I finally got home I was completely unsurprised to see a shiny white Mac box in the living room. When he told me it was actually MINE, I must've said "WHAT" five times. I was completely shocked.

I love it! The keys look weird but they're surprisingly easy to type on, and the LED screen looks amazing, and there's no mouse button at all (which is nice because my old mouse button was incredibly sticky), and the CD burner works, and it doesn't get hot at all, and the battery lasts forever, and Time Machine perfectly transferred all my stuff over. Seriously, Time Machine rocks - I plugged the backup drive into the new laptop, waited a while for the transfer, and then my desktop came up with all my icons, background, apps, everything just like it was.

I guess this means I should take it to Vegas in February for the bar, but I don't want to. I really want to keep it locked in a glass case!

Anyway, horses later. Happy early birthday to meeeeee!


  1. cool Cool COOL!!!!!

    My macbook is dying a slow death as's almost 5 years old and took my through Davis. I don't demand much of it now, but it's getting borderline...mouse completely stopped working the other day and wouldn't until I had restarted. More scary, the computer crashed (first time....) requireing a hard restart, excpet it would restart......I waited and waited. Took the battery out and waited some more. put the battery back in and it turned on (whew - sicne Ididn't have anything backed up....that has changed).

    I'm trying to hold out until I go to vet school to get a new MBP. It's cheaper if I'm in school, and I need it to last me the ENTIRE 4 years at school, which means if I get it now, I'd be pushing it (if I got it today it would need to last almost 6 years).

    Anywhoo - enjoy your new computer!!!! Happy birthday to you!!!

  2. If yours dies, I'd be willing to let you extended-borrow mine. It doesn't have much resale value, so we were just going to keep it around as a backup. I got the old one with my last student discount in law school - love the discount!

  3. Wow what a sweet hubby!! Happy Early Bday INDEED!

    Have an awesome ride out there!

  4. Ack! My MB is in the same state that yours was in, minus the CD burner not working. Then again, I haven't used it in a while, so who knows?

    I need to make a plan for it's replacement, as this is my main computer. I have thought of getting a netbook and using the new PC my son built (family media center with terabyte drive) for bigger stuff. Must Make Plan.

    Congrats to you for having such a nice hubby!

  5. Congrats!

    Your anniversary post seems so warranted :) How sweet.

  6. Oh... and Happy Birthday too. Ahem.

  7. Hi there. Just found your horsey blog and enjoying very much. I'm a 50 year old grandmother, RN, farmwife who rides her two horses whenever she can.


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