Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week in the life, 3

Sorry, short post! It was a dull day.

Early morning.
Early morning

Fresh trim!
Fresh trim!

Headed home to Peavine Mountain
Peavine Mountain

Cersei has a TOY!
She has a TOY

Rustic potato galette.
(Pro tip: if something doesn't come out looking like the pictures in the recipe, call it "rustic." I don't have a mandoline so my potatoes aren't sliced perfectly!)
Rustic potato galette

Snow showers to the east.
Snowy afternoon

Mmmmm dinner!
Mmmm dinner

I'm getting a headache, so no more pictures tonight. Tomorrow - birthday relaxing!


  1. Happy birthday - enjoy!

  2. My work computer doesn't support Flicker :( So I'll have to wait until Friday night/Saturday to view :(

  3. Oh no! If I don't forget I'll put up a couple days on Blogger, so you don't have to wait all week.

    Weird that work lets you read blogs but not look at pictures!

  4. Happy birthday!! I love potatoes.


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