Monday, November 23, 2009


Dixie totally foxtrotted today! I think it's official, she's offered me every gait possible now. My horse rules!

Rode with S Saturday and Sunday. We did 6.5 miles, roughly, both days. We explored a little bit - Saturday we went up the side of the canyon, but we ended up on private property so we turned around. Sunday she showed me a different bigger mine off the main mines trail.

Today I wanted to do a slightly shorter ride at a faster pace, so we went down the wide sand trails to the point where they enter the mine canyon. Then we turned around and came back up the deep sand at a nice fast walk, then when we got to better footing I let her canter. We ended up doing three walk/canter sets, about .5 miles walking and .2 miles cantering each time. By the last set she was getting tired, so I asked for a trot, and she trotted a bit then broke into a foxtrot. It's quite nice! I hope she decides she'd rather foxtrot than dressage trot, but we'll see.

I was quite pleased with Dixie. She rated her speed for me! No fights! And she only spooked twice on the way out - those devilish jackrabbits.

Cersei and I are both really tired, and I'm pretty sure Dixie is too. I might take tomorrow off.


  1. I haven't ridden any gaited horses since I was a child - they sound like a lot of fun!

  2. For me, it's just a whole extra layer of fun. I'm never quite sure what I'm going to get when I ask her to speed up! I don't show, so it's ok if she throws weird gaits and isn't consistent about them. I discourage the pace because it's really uncomfortable to ride, and some research shows it's bad for their backs. Everything else is more or less comfortable for both of us, so it's all good.

  3. It's just such a delight to hear about your triumphs. Keep on!

  4. I love it that she will trot and gait!!
    HAHA- the devilish jackrabbits spooker fests come from thwe game hen type of birds...they fly sideways...1 then another then another and so on..not all at once!
    Cool Fund! Your mare does rock!


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