Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lazy holiday!

I'm not merely neglecting my blog, I'm neglecting all of my friends' blogs and my horse and the kitchen too.

Thursday we had a private Thanksgiving feast. I thought it was partially really nice, not having to go anywhere or get dressed up, and partially really lonely, for the exact same reasons. My husband loved it - he can't really relax if he's got Something To Do coming up, so holidays are usually very tense for him. (Me? I can sleep on anybody's couch if I'm full and there's football on!)

We didn't do turkey. I have actually never cooked a turkey! Ever! They're so big, and so inherently bland. The biggest bird I've ever cooked was a goose for Christmas a couple years ago. I'd be willing to try a wild turkey, or maybe a small free-range heirloom bird, but not a grocery store turkey. That's because turkey is vastly inferior to the traditional alternative, HAM. I made a brown-sugar ham, mashed potatoes, ham gravy, green beans, and rolls - all homemade, of course. I meant to take a picture but by the time the last few pieces came together I'd forgotten all about it.

After stuffing myself, I promptly fell asleep on the couch listening to the ballgame. Ahhh, now that's Thanksgiving.

Friday's weather was overly dramatic. It was in the 50s when I headed out to see Dixie at noon, but there was snow coming in by 4. WTF? ~C trailered out with Diego to ride with us, which was totally cool for everybody concerned. Diego got to see scary new things, and C got to see my nice trails, and Dixie got a buddy, and I got good conversation. Cersei got to scare the pants off poor Diego, too - SIGH.

I had an internal timer going - I wanted to get back with the horses in time for them to cool down and dry off completely before the wind really picked up, and for me to get down the mountain and headed home before the snow started. I figured we'd have plenty of time to do the Mines slowly, and we actually did. Unfortunately I (accidentally) turned off the GPS at 1.61 miles, but we did about 3.5 miles in maybe 1:20.

Diego started out doing that Arab Tigger thing, and Dixie wasn't exactly modeling calmness either. I think she suspects she can't outrun him. My theory is that Dixie likes having other horses around because you don't have to run faster than the bear, just faster than your friends. Anyway, Diego was pretty bouncy so C led him til his tail went down, then rode, then walked, etc. He's doing that green horse thing where he's much, much happier if his human is in front being the bold leader, rather than up on his back. I have walked more miles than I (redneck that I am) care to admit in front of my own silly mare!

Dixie really thought we should run home when we turned the "magic corner." I had to get up in her mouth more than I like, but she didn't actually even break to a trot and I didn't have to circle or yell or get frustrated and get off - she listened! Once I got her attention, it was just miles of constant half-halts, which is tiresome to ride but effective. It was very good for both of us - we both like to go fast, but she is not in TWH race training.

I forget that other people don't ride with small yellow dogs on a constant guard circle. Cersei popped up behind Diego in a canyon at one point and the poor fellow jumped straight up in the air and bucked once. Luckily C was leading him, and to his great credit he settled right back down. I made sure to keep Cersei on point after that!

It was a very good ride. We live an annoying distance apart - it takes about 45 minutes for C to trailer up to Spanish Springs - but hopefully we'll keep riding together once a week or so!

Everything went perfectly according to my timer - we got the horses cooled off before the wind got too bad, and I got home right as it started to snow. I took some pictures of the Overly Dramatic Weather from the grocery store parking lot on the way home - these are like an unstitched panorama.

Looking west:
Dramatic lighting at Smith's

Dramatic clouds at Smith's

Southeast (with bonus seagull!):
More dramatic clouds

A snow cloud ate Peavine! Our apartment is at the very base of the peak you can barely see.
Invisible mountain

It snowed an inch that afternoon, then NOTHING. Graham and I were all excited because the weather swore up and down we'd get 1-3" overnight. We got nothing!

Yesterday was very lazy. I read two books and ate a lot of tangerines. Today I'm getting back in the saddle!


  1. Laziness and neglect are in good in the right place!

    Sounds like an excellent ride - nice to have a friend willing to come all that way to join you!

  2. I completely agree about the turkey!We do Prime Rib and then a Ham for Xmas :)

    That is great that you get to ride with someone :) I ride mostly alone; which is good and bad. Good because if the horse i am riding with at an endurance ride gets pulled, she doesn't have a melt down. BAd because, god for bid, something happened out on the trail, i would be alone... I just got back from lemon valley and i was able to meet someone out on the trail their

    Happy holidays :)

  3. You mentioned the word ham and I almost barfed. I hate ham ewwwwwwwwwwwww. You keep your smelly ham. I, on the other hand, managed to cook a turkey breast ALL BY MYSELF for Thanksgiving and not ONE person threw up afterwards.

    And I seriously DON'T understand the weather in your area. It keeps snowing there and that makes NO sense in my head. Here in CT? It's like 60 degrees.

  4. Kate - my husband has spent years teaching me how to, and when to relax. It is finally sinking in :)

    Hey Zach, are you in Reno too?? I am constantly surprised at how many endurance bloggers there are in this tiny town! I love this place :)

    Andrea, I don't know if we can be e-friends if you don't like ham. :-/ "Bacon tastes good! Pork chops taste good!" Ham tastes good too! Srsly, I'm glad you had something you liked for T-day :)

    Our weather is totally bizarre. It goes from nearly 60 to snowing in like 4 hours. Then back to the 50s a couple days later!

  5. Hey Funder,

    Im about 35 minutes NorthWest of reno :)

  6. Zach - I live in Stead, and Dixie lives in Spanish Springs, so I probably drive past your 'hood every day! ;)


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