Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh, Wikipedia, what a glorious timewaster you are

I didn't ride today. I could've, I suppose, but Dixie hasn't had a day off in just over a week.

While wandering around Wikipedia tonight, reading about Lord Byron (who now rivals Sir Richard Burton as my favorite Englishman) and Henry the Eighth's wives and Louis Riel, I somehow ended up back in ancient Greece. Bucephalus means "ox-head"! I should have known this, because I know that Bo is ox and Cephalus is head, but I didn't put it together. Anyway, I shall refer to my heifer Dixie as an ox-head from now on.


  1. Those little hyperlinks are my bane...always encouraging me to "click just once won't take long.."

  2. It just makes you think - Alexander had a horse called "ox-head", El Cid had one called "stupid" apparently because his father disagreed with his choice - so the best horse just might not be the most beautiful or showy despite what people say (or spend).


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