Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stupid big lick people

Yall probably already read Shame in the Horse Show Ring, so you've probably already seen the latest post. That's why I don't show. That's what Dixie went through before I got her. In fact, that's exactly how she acted when I got her.

Watch a couple of the videos at the Waterfall Farms Colt Preview. That is all those horses know to do - go forward, as fast as possible, and turn before they run into the arena wall. I promise you, they're hot as hell and completely ignorant. And they're BABIES! Conventional redneck wisdom says to break out TWHs when they're 18 months old, maybe 24 if they're slow growers.

Show Walkers have such horrible lives, but they're such sweet horses through it all. It breaks my heart. And I know those padded colts look like the gangliest clunkiest things in the world, but they really CAN be good using horses. So:

1) Don't support those fuckheads who breed and show padded horses (unless you really fall in love with one)
2) Don't think all gaited horses move and act like those poor babies.

That is today's Gaited Horse PSA. Dixie had the day off, so that's about all I've got.


  1. Funder, I agree with you 100%. I cannot watch, I will not give a penny to those people (not even to "rescue" a horse from them--if you BUY their horses, they just make more!!!), and I do not think it's pretty in any way.

    The fact that some TWH's (like your girl) can emerge from this environment and eventually lead productive lives says great things about the breed, if not about the breeders.

    Myself, I stick with Standardbreds. Nobody even pretends they are supposed to be pretty! It's a pale comfort.

  2. Our little Blackjack was one of those - it took years before anyone he wasn't sure was safe could go in the stall with him, he was so afraid somebody was going to do something to him. The abuse that goes on in all corners of the horse industry in the name of "sport" aka people winning at all costs regardless of the cost to the horse can only be eliminated if it is brought to light.

    TWHs are very sweet horses and some do recover from the abuse they have received.

  3. I couldn't even watch the videos all the way through. Broke my heart and the biggest question running through my head was "WHY!?" It's not pretty, it's not graceful, it's not natural and it certainly doesn't look comfortable to ride. What's the point to it? All the horses all look absolutely miserable and on a path to break down quickly. Poor things. Horrible, horrible people!


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