Monday, November 30, 2009


Had a short fast(er) ride today. We meandered around a couple of the shorter trails. I decided to learn from the Failed Experiment and just call the first hesitant part of our ride the warmup. ;)

Lap One, the warmup, was 1.03 miles in a whopping 28 minutes. Lap Two, which included a bit of very steep hill work, was 1.07 in 14 minutes. Lap Three, a short mixed twisty-and-straight trail, was 1.24 miles in 17 minutes. Not counting the warmup, that's about 4.2 mph; counting the warmup it's still 3.3 mph.

Tomorrow is the full moon, so I am going to wear all my clothes and go out with S. ~C and I are planning on doing a longer ride Friday, and I want to give Dixie one day totally off this week. That means either Wednesday or Thursday I'll do a normal ride - maybe the short scenic trail plus the Mines. The other day she'll get off.

I need to buy fruit for my faithful steed. I am out of apples and tangerines! Time to go to Costco.

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  1. Your mare EATS tangerines?? Holy Blue Moon! Never thought i'd learn that about a horse...mine won't even eat apple/carrot peels Just the untampered with fruit. She also care less about sugar cubes.
    Tis good to give them succulents each day! Right on!


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