Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I got cold today. S and I were going to meet up at 3 and go do the Mines and get back before it got too terribly dark. I planned to wear my very warm but very cumbersome Carhartt coveralls, so I didn't wear any leggings under my jeans. Leggings + jeans + coveralls is 0 degree wear, not 30 degree wear!

When I got out there and tacked up Dixie, I realized it wasn't very cold at all yet. If I'd put on my coveralls, I'd have gotten pretty sweaty before the sun went down. I decided I'd rather freeze for 20 minutes than roast for an hour.

We did the standard full-length Mines trail, no extras. I am all confused, though, because the GPS said it was 4.35 miles. Every other time I've ridden the full Mines it's been right at 4 miles. It is a mystery! Anyway, 4.35 in 1:37, average of 2.7 mph. I wanted to get her back without any neck sweat - just a slow relaxing ride.

We took two of the dogs - S's young one Oscar and my Cersei. They did the butt-tuck high-speed run in a huge circle around the horses, nonstop, for THREE MILES. Cersei is sacked out on the couch now - a tired dog is a happy dog!

I kept gently working the reins and easing out the length, and I got Dixie to stretch out and keep her contact with me. It was pretty cool! :)


  1. Isn't it funny how warm you are by the time you're tacked up? And then after the ride, I always go back to being chilly. Brrrr. Glad you're getting some saddle time in the chilly weather!

  2. Nice that she was reaching for the contact! I always overdress a bit so I can take off a layer if I get warm - and my feet always get cold no matter what I wear on them.

  3. This time of year I'm *always* playing "second-guess-the-weather"...that's why I carry at least a full change of clothing (sometimes two) in my truck.

    I start with thin layers nearest the skin and keep adding layers until I'm are almost warm. That way, I am motivated to keep moving!

  4. Oh yea...colder rides are upon us! I too have taken some of those rtides...breakin out the Extreme riding clothes too!
    Have I givern you the INTREPID RIDERS award YET? Totally meant to-if not- please accept! My sidebar has the link and the logo's.

    Your mare is realy coming into her own with you..I love hearing about her relaxing into contact! I have been riding with the bitless bridle of late(not for groups with Wa) and she really has been longer too.
    My saddle bag has great ties for the layers to come off or be there to go back on!
    Ride on Funder!

  5. Thanks yall! I was pretty excited about her reaching for contact. Now I just have to improve MY game and become a better rider again!

    I'm thinking about splurging on some silk tights. And I really need to find my thinsulated gloves - I saw them last month but I don't know where they're hiding. :(

    Kacy - Thank you! I'll post it and send it out tomorrow. I feel pretty intrepid these days ;)

  6. Hmm, gloves, they're probably lurking alone. It's odd how pairs of gloves and socks separate and migrate apart.

    I bought long underwear from a climbing shop. It wasn't silk, but it is warm, and that is good in this chilly weather.

    I'm glad that your riding is going well, and I am impressed by how intrepid you have become.

  7. Julian - I still haven't found those gloves. :( Not even one of them!


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