Thursday, December 10, 2009

Everybody likes a little dog!

I'd rather have a little dog than a little shop, any day. (Any Dr. Who fans in the house? Anyone? Sigh, probably not.)

Sometimes a little dog has a little stick.
"Come and get my stick!"

Sometimes a little dog has a little tumbleweed.
Death to tumbleweeds

Sometimes it's a headless little dog!
Headless Dog!

And sometimes it's a very serious very snowy little dog.
Frosted Dog


  1. What a sweet dog!

    And what a LOT OF SN*W!!!

    Do me a favor: keep the white stuff with you. We don't need any here. Thanks.

  2. What a great post! Really great pics! And I did get the Dr Who reference! :) Lord. I love the pics, but love riding year round here in S. Texas way too much to go back to the North! I was completely scarred as a child with the barn chores 3x a day (oldest kid too) in sub zero temps (Ohio). I am getting chilled thinking of it! I will enjoy it vicariously through my fellow bloggers! :)

  3. I beg to differ: Cersei is NOT a little dog! She may be your "wittle dog" but my first thought when I saw your title was "She's traded in a perfectly good Lab for some sort of yappy little pomerorkiedoodle." Gads! I was afeared for your sanity. Cute photos of your REAL dog!

    As for the snow, I can't believe I'm saying this, but we could use a little of that here in central Washington: We've had temps hovering around zero for a week now, and with no snow to insulate the ground, folks are having pipes freeze all over the place! (Yours truly has only lost the use of one frost-free hydrant, so far--knock on Kate's wooden skull.)

  4. Aarene, it just started snowing AGAIN! It's going to snow til SUNDAY! Aaaaaa!

    Yay, we got a Dr. Who fan in the house! Hifive! I have been keeping track of the Midwest bloggers, and I am pretty sure that getting out of Ohio before winter was a very good move. And Texas is too humid - I'm spoiled by this dry desert, even if it does get a bunch of sn*w sometimes. ;)

    EvenSong - When I got baby Cersei, I was so sure she was finally going to be my small AKC-sized Lab. She had tiny paws! And she was so little! I have been trying to convince myself she's not really very big ever since then...

    I can bring you a pickup truck bed full of snow if you'll let me play with Jackson and Kate!

  5. I've been watching Dr. Who since my older brother taped it off of PBS in the mid 80s. :P

    I got Rick into it, and now he finally understands me when things must be exterminated.

    Love the fuzzy horse pic from the last post. You know its getting cold when you look at them and wonder when your leggy TB turned into a stubby pony, but then realize that he's just that damn fuzzy.

  6. how is the weather over their, Reno is only like 35-40 minutes away... Its Snoring pretty hard here, 3 feet expected over night :( so once again my riding plans to go to lemon valley have been canceled.

  7. Breaking news! The forecast went down to 1-2" tonight and 2-4" tomorrow! Zach, I hope yours went down too! 3' sounds awful.

  8. Funder--You're welcome to come play with the spotted ones any time! No need to haul snow: temps are slowly rising, and a couple of inches of the white stuff are due this weekend.

    [btw, my first hubby was a big Dr. Who fan, so I recognize some of the common references. Just wasn't much of a fan myself.]

  9. What a nice dog, and what fun she is having.

    Seeing tumbleweed in the snow so deconstructs the Hollywood image of the hot dusty West.

    I can remember the original Dr Who first time around. (Unlike Monty Python, my parents thought Dr Who was harmless.) I love the cartoon of a dalek by a flight of stairs, with the caption "that screws our chances of conquoring the universe!"

  10. lovely doggy-woggy :)
    me want to pet...

    Dr. Who is brilliant and wonderful and I am slowly trying to educate the world...


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