Monday, December 7, 2009

WD 09 Day Two

It snowed all evening. It snowed all night. We had 10-12" when I woke up in the morning! Then it kept snowing, all day - finally stopped around 5 pm.

We were pretty sure that going anywhere was foolishness. My husband worked from home - a good plan, according to his coworkers who DID drive in. I carefully observed people in our complex all day, driving out in their little cars without chains or snow tires, and I think it is actually possible to drive on snow. I am planning on trying to go visit Dixie tomorrow, but the road up the mountain that she lives on might defeat me. It'll be an adventure!

I called first thing and the horses are just fine. S gave them lots of extra hay and nobody's shivering or unhappy. I have to trust that she knows what she's doing, and that horses really ARE evolved to live in cold weather. If I had property, with Dixie at home, I would probably try to bring her in the house to warm up.

Here's a video of Cersei in the snow:

Cersei loves snow from Funder on Vimeo.

And another. (I <3 my lil' dog!)

Cersei playing in the snow from Funder on Vimeo.

Here's the enormous tractor that plowed the parking lot in the afternoon.

Snow TRACTOR plows our parking lot from Funder on Vimeo.

Reno area people, how was your big snow day? Zach, did your school get cancelled?

It's going to be below freezing (lows near zero F for the next two nights!) and then another storm is coming later this week. This is the most protracted White Death I've ever been in!!


  1. Um, yeah, it's effin' cold!!!
    You should go practice driving out of a skid. Find a big snowy parking lot and spin a couple brodies (in 2wd), and then start one and cut it off. Do that a lot--it helps like crazy when it happens to you in traffic!
    Hint: don't try to remember "do i turn into the skid, or out of the skid?" cuz that is complicated. Just keep the steering wheel/front tires pointed in the direction you want to go. That will get you driving out of the skid every single time if you do it right.
    Sorry if that is all review for you but i am all about safety on the road!!! And snow driving can be hella hairy.

  2. It's really cold here in the Swamplands, but we don't have any of the s*-word yet.

    The biggest pain is pounding the ice out of the water tanks that don't have heaters. Just keep fingers crossed that we don't lose power, because then I have to pound ALL the water tanks and buckets!

    As for driving in it, around here it's best to just stay home. Our sn*w turns to ice really fast, and no amount of technology or skill will stop you if you skid on ice. Better to stay home and make soup when it happens (and hope that it DOESN'T happen to us this year!)

  3. Yeowza. The last thing I think about when I think of Reno is snow. I guess that's cause I'm an ign'ant Delaware hick.

    PS - I'd want to bring my horses inside too. I secretly want to tuck them into bed under big fluffy blankets to keep them snug as bugs.

  4. Yuck, yuck, yuck! I hate snow! That's why I left Michigan...

    I don't blanket either of my horses, though, since they're both from Michigan too. They think blankets are for wimpy, southern horses. :) They also have shelters, so that helps.


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