Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gear test

Last night we went to Sierra Trading Post and upgraded my cold weather clothes. I got two pairs of fleece-inside long johns, two pairs of glove liners, and a Columbia ski jacket (at ridiculously low prices, too.) Today I tested it all out.

I drove off up a gravel road, put on the chains, drove back out to the paved road, took the chains off, and came home. Needless to say, it was not as easy as I just made it sound. It was horrible. But I got it done without needing to beg for help from passersby, and more importantly, I never got cold. I got hot, actually, but all the synthetic stuff wicked away all the sweat and I didn't get chilled once I started driving again.

Then I came home and taught Cersei to dig in the snow. Got a lot of pictures, and I'll post the good ones later. Again, I got totally covered in snow, but I wasn't cold. I had to take off an outer glove to work the camera and that hand got chilly. It was sunny, calm, and in the low teens, so not the worst conditions Nevada has to offer but not the best either.


  1. More detils on the gear! can you describe the long johns? What are the glove liners made of? I'm thinking of getting some waterproof crosscountry skiing gloves. karen reccomended them.

  2. Ok, the glove liners I tried today were Manzella Maxw-10. Can't find them on STP, but they're on the internet elsewhere. I also got a pair of thinner wool and spandex liners. I'm wearing them under my "autumnweight" gloves - some comfortable cheap pairs I got at Home Depot. I tried on every single glove in the store, and they were all very warm but entirely too bulky... or they cost >$80. This is a cheap fix that seems to work well!

    The long underwear - I got a pair of these heavyweight and a pair of these in mediumweight. They fit very tight at the ankles, come very high up in the waist, and fit just fine under normal jeans.

    The coat isn't quite as long as I wanted, but it comes to just below my butt and it's got the double-zipper so I can zip it up to my neck, then unzip it at the hem. Shouldn't bunch up too badly when I ride.

  3. Oh, tops, just for the record - I wore a polyester "activewear" type tank top, a poly long-sleeved top, and a fleece pullover. That's usually what I wear to go outside. Sometimes a cotton hoodie instead of a fleece shirt - the poly base layers keep me dry enough.

  4. Sounds like you made some good shopping decisions for your region--congratulations on staying warm!

  5. You Go Girl! ;)

    Post is up about your lovely girls hooves!

    Keep on keeping on in the snow. At least you didn't have to chain a 22 ton fire truck! (Been there, done that way back in my FF Trust me-- NOT something you want to do on the side of a mountain road!)

    Stay warm!!! (Wait- you are already doing that from some excellent shopping!!)

  6. Very good finds! SO sorry iyt was so blame difficult.
    Well...funny you should say you'd walk the last 2 miles to get to your mare ...I have beent hinking the same thing myself!
    I have 3 driving routes I can take to get to Wa, but 2 are wayyy too hilly and steep in spots...but the 3rd is longest-of course- yet fairly flat and well traveled. The last 2 miles is THE WORST HILLS! If we get snow...there is no way I am making it..without chains I guess..never tried that. But I would hoof it myself...
    T>>he gloves are dandy for feeling/and being light...I use rubber reins so they are sticky..a nice feel.

    Hope you get to Dix - without much ado!

  7. 1-- Yay for new gear! (under armor. UNDER ARMOR. MOUNTAIN HORSE BOOTS. --I'm sorry. :P)

    2-- Glad to see you at behindthebit backing up the pits. :)

  8. It sounds like you bought that gear in the nick of time.

    But you had to teach Cersei to dig in the snow? I thought that all dogs naturally behaved in wild and amusing ways in the snow. And some people and horses too.

    Anyway, enjoy the snow and stay warm.

  9. Update: the thin wool glove liners are CRAP.

    Julian, she was snuffling around being pretty cute, but she didnt go nuts digging til I gave her the idea.

    Posted from the checkout line at Costco, real update later.

  10. Oh, DiJ, thank you for reminding me! I'd totally forgotten about the Under Armor! And then I forgot again when I was trying to type on the iPhone and push the cart at the grocery store. ;)

  11. It's absolutely amazing. :) We're a family of Vermont skiers, so I know what you mean by snow-snow-snow, cold-cold-cold!

    Warm socks have NEVER done a thing for me--I let the boots do the work and almost always wear normal high socks like I would under show boots. Buy a neck-warmer! Certainly a nice thing to curl up under, and always cheap.

    Stay warm!!! :D

  12. I looked for a neck warmer at STP, but I didn't see any. I'll keep looking - I want one that covers my precious little nose!

    I'm wearing Muck Boots - they've got a bit of tread, they're waterproof, and they're extremely warm. I like the wool socks because they breathe so well! Last winter, my feet were either cold and wet (in non waterproof boots) or warm and damp (in muck boots with cotton socks).

    Cotton is terrible. I feel like I just discovered there is no Santa Claus. I love cotton - it appeals to my inner hippie because it's ~all natural~, and I know lots of small cotton farmers. (I know it's terrible for the environment, but so is making polyester out of petrol + toxic chemicals.) But it's actually HORRIBLE in cold weather, and not very great in hot weather! It's like all the big kids have been telling me there is no Santa, and I just saw my dad putting presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. :(


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