Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yeti sighting!

Yesterday we went out with S, Summer, and the dogs. I brought the camera - I don't even bring it when I'm riding solo, because odds are I can't stop paying attention to my mare long enough to take pictures.

We threw Christmas rump rugs on the horses - tree skirts!
Festive horse!

We saw carnivorous yeti!

If you can't see them, click on the picture to make it bigger. You can see their poisonous horns, and you can imagine their slavering fangs and clawed hooves. Treacherous beasts!

There was another on the slope to the south. Clearly, they were planning on circling around from behind and eating the horses.
More yeti!

It was really beautiful out there.
S on Summer

Cersei had a wonderful time chasing Oscar (S's young dog), but she is on the injured list today. The snow is old and icy and crusty, and her pads took a beating. She's got pretty tough feet, but the tips of her pads are split. She is snuggled up next to me on the couch.

Dixie did pretty well with Summer there to keep her steady. I got really uncomfortable a couple of times and thoughts of our gory death flashed through my mind. :( We did the mines trail, but the actual canyon part of the ride has a couple of rocky sections. We didn't want to take them over the rocks with the snow covering everything, so we cut up to the top of the hill and then back down to the sandy part of the mine trail. S fearlessly rode calm Summer sideways up this steep sandy hill, and hot Dixie went plunging up after him, but I couldn't deal and turned her to go straight up the slope. Then once we got on top, she really got nervous, and we still had to get back down! S went back down the side, but I thought it looked way too steep, so Dixie and I went further along to where the slope was easier. It was pretty nerve wracking, but she stayed surefooted.

Went to Crysta's Christmas party last night and had a good time! I met a gaited horse person, and some fun non-horse people, and made faces at the CUTEST baby girl. She thought I was awesome and stared at me nonstop. Then her mom handed her to me and she burst into immediate tears. As soon as I handed her back, she went back to staring and smiling at me. I was only acceptable from 2 feet away :)

I may sit on the couch and watch football all day. Happy Solstice Eve, yall! If I'm doing the math right, then Monday morning will be the actual solstice. That means today is the shortest day of the year, so I might as well nap on the couch, right?


  1. That is wild and beautiful scenery. Of course there may be dangerous horse-eating beasts up there. But seriously it looks as if you have moved to a great area.

  2. Beautiful scenery. It must have been so much fun to be out there with the horses and the wild Yeti's. Have a great Christmas.

  3. Beautiful pictures - glad the ride worked out well!

  4. Dashing through the snow! :) glad you can get out and ride :)

  5. That's because the baby couldn't see past 2 feet. ; )

    beautiful snow pictures, I'm jealous!

    And that reminds me, in all my travels/rides/jobs, I have decided that if I ever do see a sasquatch/yeti/abominable snowman, I will never tell anybody. It would just set all the crazies after him, he'd get shot or caught and put in a cage for 'studying' and 'protection.'

    So, maybe I have seen one and maybe I haven't. I ain't saying.

    (PS some of my HORSES have sure seen them!)

    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  6. Yea... Solstice is good for napping, I do believe!
    Yea...dogs paws in the snow...a soft shoe would be good..or a home made duct tape one..I see dogs get hurt all the time with the sharp frozen ground.
    Wa mare got hurt on it too pretty lame. I have a poultice on her tonight...see how that does.

    Your area is SO BEAUTIFUL!! The tree skirt idea is great!! I loved your ride Funder...sorry it was scarey...slick does scare me too.Wa gets hurried as it hurts to slip.
    Be well and Mery HOHO!

  7. it is beautiful there. but i'd be scared because you can see so far, there is so much more for my horse to spook at!: )


  8. OHHHH YEEESSSS! The all terrible Yeti that only horses sense while we sense deer or armadillos! We have a special breed of Yeti in Texas too! Isn't that odd!
    Loved the tree skirt idea for warmth! Super CUTE!

    word verif: wigeyela= wig out and yell when you see a Yeti for REAL!

  9. LOVE those shots Funder. You sure live in some pretty country. Sounds like Miss Dixie is really making advances in her trail horse abilities!!

  10. Super cool. Dixie will be vindicated some day when a Yeti gets you. She *warned* you, after all!

  11. Love those Yeti! :-)

    Amazing trails- I can't get over all the open space. Not sure what my boy's reaction would be to the Yeti but it certainly would be interesting to see.

    Haven't ridden in snow yet although we've been some places where snow and ice were still under trees and bushes. My boy learned to use his hooves to break the ice covering over a waterhole- what a boy.

    Happy Holidays! :-)

  12. I just yelled at Stacey for this--stop posting pictures of the gorgeous backdrops you have!! SO JEALOUS!

    Happy Holidays!


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