Sunday, March 14, 2010

6 days

I still haven't freaked out or chickened out about Rides of March, although I've seriously come close a few times. I'm not sure we'll finish in time but we're going anyway.

I've been not riding, mainly. I have come to the conclusion that all those "How to Condition for Endurance" articles are bullshit, and if you do ride 4 or 5 times a week you end up with a very tired horse. I gave Dixie a whole week off, then Thursday we had a badass ride - 5.5 mph for 7.5 miles.

Today we had a slower longer ride, with a lot more hills and boots on her feet. Checked out Calle de Mariposa, which leads to a hill overlooking PV and a locked gate. :( I am pretty close to deciding that the best way to get to PV involves a trailer ride ;) I've got one more hill trail to check out first.

Soooo tired. More later.


  1. Go Funder! I'm with you honey, just enter that horse and go. You will do fine. All you need to remember is to ride your own ride and not let your horse get sucked into the race. ~E.G.

  2. Funder you will be fine. What got me through the 100 rainy ride was the thought that aarenex would call me a chicken if I wimped out..... Now that you have aanounced the intention to go to an LD, u HAvE to go! Unless it will be negative for your horse of course).

    Btw I totally agree with funder's comment 100%. In fact she managed to say my entire post today in one concise sentence. Obviously she is a real writer! Sigh.

  3. Hahaha, Mel. I wouldn't call you a chicken. Probably.

    I might cluck at you every once in a while.

    NO! I wouldn't cluck. Mostly I wouldn't. I wouldn't cluck very much.

    Funder, just go have fun. That's what the sport is for . I bet you'll have a blast!

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  5. I've still got my fingers crossed and am thinking all kinds of positive thoughts for you, Funder! I hope you have the best fun ever at the ride--and come back and tell us all about it.

  6. Awww, thanks, Aarene. I woke up to a a cheerful comment! :D


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