Monday, March 8, 2010


Argh, there's no way I can think of seven things that yall don't already know about me that aren't incredibly banal yet don't sound like bragging. These meme things stress me out - I promised to write the Seven Things, but I haven't thought of seven things, so I feel like it's cheating to just blog about my weekend, but stuff keeps happening!

Ok, now that I've whined I feel better. The stuff that's happened:

Saturday I did the Mines. Then Saturday night I had an attack of fingernail-biting worry that I'm overriding and/or riding the hooves off of my horse, but I firmly shoved all the worry back in a little box and ignored it.

Sunday I went on a nice ride with a pretty big group - the three QHs, plus J on her little Arab Lily and me on Dixie. I am hopefully luring J back into the delightful fun of endurance riding, aka "we paid to do this?!" Anyway, we all set off to do the PV loop (the original one that doesn't go into PV, so I don't know why they all call it PV, rrrrgh). J and I mostly stayed with the group, but we went off exploring a couple times by ourselves and got to trot and canter. Wheee! Lily and Dixie are tolerating each other very well.

I am always slightly surprised and very pleased about how well Dixie acts under saddle. She is such an evil alpha mare when she's at liberty - she pins her ears at any new human who goes in the pasture! And poor Zack's butt is covered in little bite marks. (But that's cause he's lazy - she only chases him at a walk. He must like it.) Somehow Dixie knows better than to squeal, bite, strike at, or kick at other horses when I'm around. I can't predict that she won't act badly in the future, so I take all the normal precautions, but I'm still happy with her. :)

Here's the Garmin of our ride. We made it pretty much to the very start of Amy Road, over in PV proper, but there's a damn no trespassing sign there! I think if we follow the power line road (the straight line) up past where we were, then cut to the right, we can get around the no-trespassing property. Or see the little C-shape on the right side of the map? That's the start of Calle de Mariposa, which should also lead down the mountain to the valley. We've got a couple of options left. J and I will probably go do more exploring on Friday.

After 9 miles, when we were pretty close to home, I stopped and took the bit part of the headstall off and then rode Dixie home in the rope halter. She did just fine! She doesn't really approve of the knots poking her in the nose - but if she'd turn when I asked with my legs, I wouldn't have to pull the reins and poke her in the nose. Poor baby.

Gave her part of her spring shots yesterday too. She got WNV two weeks ago when the vet came out, then rhino-flu yesterday, and the last one (4-way? I forget) probably next weekend.

Today I went and fiddled around with some borrowed boots, but I didn't get things quite right, so you'll have to wait for tomorrow for the expanded boot story.

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