Monday, March 29, 2010

Where's my lamb?

We have some huge weird weather front rolling in. It's drizzling rain and so grey you can't see any of the mountains, and possible snow tomorrow. It was so nice and springlike for almost all of March, and now, at the very end, this weirdness!

I went out and handwalked Dixie today. It was way too windy to ride - gusts of probably 50 mph and sustained winds of 25 or 30 mph. I wanted her to have a chance to get out of the pen though. She is still shedding. I don't think she'll ever stop; I think she eats just to have the energy to grow long white hair and have it fall out all over me. I guess that's good if it does snow on her tomorrow.

I rode Saturday, our first ride after RoM, and I forgot to post it. It feels like we've crossed the Rubicon - now we both know what we're capable of, when before we'd thought maybe we could do it. And even beyond our changed expectations, her fitness level has noticeably improved! We have a little section of the trail where I let her canter as far as she wants, and she went 3x as far as usual - then walked a bit and asked to rack again. Hell yeah!


  1. Awesome...she is just getting started!
    Yea...we had 70-80 winds at the coast and by the time it hit inland it was about 50mph..we too are having the Lion for the Lamb time!Backasswards!
    haha my word veri says it all...

  2. I can assure you that WE don't have your lamb. We don't have OUR lamb either.

    Who has all the lambs????


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