Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful award

Ok, if I go ahead and do this I'm off the hook for future rounds of the same award, right? Cause I've gotten this three times now.

edit: crap, forgot to link back!
The blame for this rests on the shoulders of Jane, AareneX, and Mel, in that order. The longer you procrastinate, the more awards you get! Thanks, ladies, and I hope you like my random facts!

The name of this award reminds me of the plastic bag in American Beauty. I love that movie :)

1) I read a lot. I probably read more than any of yall, except maybe AareneX. (Although she might suffer from cobbler's children syndrome - surrounded by books, no time to read them.) I especially love fantasy/sci-fi. Since last week, I've worked my way through the Dresden Files again - there's a new book out in about a month, yay!

2) I have a broken sense of smell. My dad does too, so it must be genetic. It's not precisely that I can't smell stuff, it's more like my brain tunes out smells very rapidly. If I walk in a room with, say, coffee brewing, I can smell the coffee for one or two inhales, then I just don't notice it anymore. I am sure this is more of a blessing than a curse. There's a lot more bad smells out there than good ones, especially when you have pets.

3) I have prosopagnosia, or face blindness. I fake it almost all the time. I know who people are based on their hair, their body size/shape, their voices, and (most importantly) context clues. When people come up to me in the grocery story to say hi, I usually have no fucking idea who they are. (I talk to them anyway - I'm very good at faking it.) If I meet someone for lunch, I try really hard to remember what I can (hair color and size) and stand in the entrance looking for a person with the right color hair waving at me. It's just something that's not wired quite right in my brain, and it doesn't really upset me.

4) I am scared of the Psycho Killer Behind the Shower Curtain. Therefore, I always buy translucent shower curtains. If I go in someone else's bathroom, with those solid fabric curtains, I have to check behind the curtain to make sure no one is lurking, waiting to kill me.

5) One of my favorite games is Nethack. It's an incredibly nerdy text-based game, with a million stupid ways to die and no save feature. It's moderately hard to win the game, and I've done it 4 times, over about 5 years of off-and-on play.

6) I have never officially broken a bone. I think Dixie broke my foot once - it hurt for 6 months after she stomped it - and I think I broke my tailbone when I fell off last year. But I didn't go to the doctor for either of those, so I am officially neverbroken. (For that matter, I'm one of those people who doesn't go to the doctor unless my ailment refuses to go away after a month of me ignoring it.)

7) I try not to look back. I'm pretty happy most of the time, and I think that is due in large part to the fact that I don't look back and think about what I should've done different. What's done is done. You gotta make the best decisions you can at the time and not dwell on it after you do it.

Whew. Now for the not-quite-so-hard part - who hasn't had to do this yet? Must share the torture love...

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Is that enough? Surely that's enough. I do all my blogging in the edit html tab and I'm really getting tired of all those a href's. There's a bunch more people who have already done this, won't do this, or are already in line to do this, so if you're not on there, that's why. Either that or I just got tired of a href's before I got to you.


  1. Great random facts, gal. You are soooooo beautiful. >g<

  2. I'm with you on the face blindness. It can cause some really embarassing situations, especially at work. I try to hire odd-looking people.

    I have a bad sense of smell too. My wife reminds me that things smell (litter tray, feet, etc) but I can hardly tell. Oddly enough, the cat's bad breath breaks through that particular sensory non-ability.

  3. I'm TOTALLY with you on the shower curtain thing. My other big weirdo thing is looking into mirrors in the dark. Just. Don't. Do. It.


    I love text based games! Wow it's been a long time since I got to play one. Probably back in junior high when my Dad's comp had Windows 3.1 on it. It was DOS game.

    I had never heard of face blindess before. Can I use that for my inability to remember names that go with faces?


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