Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easyboot trial - do these fit?

I got J's boots on today! They're old-style classic Easyboots, size 0. I would never in a million years have guessed that this horse would end up a size 0! But these certainly aren't too small. I don't think.

I got them on and strapped down TIGHT, just like the directions say, then we headed out for a hand walk around the pueblo house. There's one section of road with new gravel, that stuff the size of a ping pong ball that horses hate to walk on, and I've always let her go around it. I insisted that she walk with me over the big gravel, and she wasn't sure about it for a couple of steps, then realized the boots protected her feet and started striding out heel-first. Yay! We went through some pretty deep sand, over hard road with teeny bits of gravel loose on top, over a bit of pea sized gravel, and even got the boots wet. She wanted to drink out of a puddle and got one boot wet and full of sand.

I am not sure they fit right. Any Easycare people lurking? Anybody know how classic easyboots are supposed to fit? Here's some pictures...

She was standing like this eating a bit of grain, so the right front is way back in all the pictures.
The nose knows

Left front lateral. Is the boot supposed to gape open there at the quarters? Because the cable's on the tightest setting.
Left front lateral

Right front lateral gapes the same way.
Right front lateral view

Left front medial fits a bit tighter against her hoof.
Left front medial view

Apparently I didn't take a right front medial.

I played with the contrast a lot so you can maybe kinda see how the boots fit in the heels.

Her feet are almost "round" - not circular, but the same width as length. It's within a couple millimeters. Based on what the two sites say, she might be better off in Renegades, but I'm willing to try the Easyboots.

Thursday I'm going to go riding - back up the rocky hills - for a more comprehensive test.


  1. It looks like you don't have the boot all the way on... The heel strap should be coming up a bit higher. Are you sure her toe was all the way in?

  2. No clue! I yanked on the heel strap and banged the front of the boot up toward her toe as much as I could, and when it felt like it wouldn't go any further I left it alone. I will try banging them on better Thursday.

  3. They appear to be too small or the toe is not all the way into the toe. They should come up higher on the heel bulb.

  4. Sue - thank you, that's the kind of thing I need to know! I will try one size up this weekend and hope they don't twist.

  5. Check out the Easy Care website, they tell and show how to fit their boots. I used Easy Boots for years but have changed to Renegades. They're supper easy to fit, put on and they stay on. I still keep a pair of Epics in my trailer just in case.............Sue

  6. Dawn is an Easyboot dealer and fitter and could probably tell you a lot from the photos. If you're looking to email her, tell her you're the TWH owner I know who moved west. :)

    The backs do look low, I agree. I can take some pics of Gene in his if you're interested... next time we get out.

  7. "if they stay on, they fit"


    Argh. I'm happy to be back in steel again!!!

  8. Gapping could be because of the teeth inside - take vise grips and flatten them. Definitely toe isn't all the way in - press on the front of the boot and you'll likely feel where there is space - put the tip of the toe on the ground (with the boot on, not buckled) and press the heels toward the toe, then buckle it down. I wouldn't go with a larger size - they won't stay on.

  9. I don't know if the site goes into it, but there are also ways to adjust the boots to have them fit tighter on the hoof vs the sole. There are different ways to string the wire cords (whatever the name is) coming from the clasp to get them a little tighter or a lot tighter.

  10. NONE of the easyboots fit Wa mare... I used the "Epics" for a time...but alas..she ripped those pups right off! So no edge's or bare's or easy grips..none!she also has roundish feet.
    I have NOT found a Renegade rep to help me yet either..so I got the very easy to put on and not a twist yet "DELTA Cavallos"
    Good luck!
    I get frustrated with Boots!
    Try the "comfort pads"...they tend to help fill up spaces too.

  11. I know nothing about easy boots fit. sorry I'm not help.

  12. I love your blog. I live in Brooklyn, NY and have an arab in Long Island I'm training for endurance. I have started a blog to document my transition from the south to the north with my horse and the endurance world and would love to get your thoughts or suggestions.. epona-horseandthecity.blogspot.com

    Thanks for your dedication to this awesome sport (especially to Walkers!! My first horse was a walker and I loved him dearly)



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