Sunday, May 16, 2010


I rode my horse downhill at a pace with a crupper on and did not die! I didn't even have to walk home. She gave one tiny hop when she felt it activate, then just gave me the "quizzical ear" - where the horse swivels one ear completely back at the human like "Are you sure about this?"

It was a really beautiful day to ride in Hungry Valley. Dixie and I never quite clicked, and the whole ride felt like a slog for both of us, but we got the miles (that I think) we needed. My whole face is sunburned, and my knees feel like bone is grating on bone, but I'm very happy anyway. Here's the ride.

We rode out down Chickadee, into HV, and up to the (slowly drying up and turning green) stock tank. I knew she wouldn't want the water, but I made her sniff it to acknowledge it, then we moved on up the valley. We went past the mini RC airport, where somebody was flying a super cute radio warplane. It sounded like a very angry hornet. We went a long way north, past the Indian community, to a manmade pond, then turned around. We went back to the stock tank, where I hopped off and snapped the crupper on.

I tugged at it and she didn't buck, so I got on and we walked off. I asked for a trot and she didn't buck, so I asked for a canter and she didn't buck, so away we went! We headed up into the hills - had to navigate past some very polite ATV people - then finally crested a little rise and started downhill.

The saddle slipped a skosh forward. Nothing.

The saddle tried to slip forward again. The crupper held it in place. Dixie picked both rear feet up an inch off the ground at the same time, then kept pacing forward. She gave me the WTF ear and kept on rolling downhill like a pro. Hey ~C, I ordered my very own crupper from Henry tonight, so I'll get yours back to you ... soon? Maybe Friday?

Man, I love that horse. She spent all day being reluctant and annoying and throwing weird not-a-gaits at me, but strap some nylon under her tail and she's all "whatever" about it. And headed out, we trotted on a gravel road like it weren't no thang!

I have been dithering all day and I think I will send in my entry for the 2 days of 25s at Cooley Ranch. I bet she could do a 50, but I don't think 2 days of 50s is a smart plan at all. I think my horse will be better off if I spend twice as much and enter her in two LDs. And if the entries are closed... it's not meant to be. But I'm dropping the entry in the mail in the morning!


  1. Glad to hear that the crupper was a non-event...those are the best kinds!

    Good luck and have fun on the 2-day. You (both) deserve it.

  2. Great ride...I loved how when i cursed over the hill on the graph with gave me the speed(your speed) as I went! COOL! sissy gave me one to use...but I am not sure...been letting my PBO use it for now...I think a "rigging" may be a better choice for mine~ More on her haunches less on the dock.

  3. Entry sent! I was sore yesterday, but I feel fit to continue today... I think we can do this.

    Kaci, I'd try a britchin / rigging on Wa too. I think that's fine for a couple hours. Maybe not for 6 hrs!

    I spent the extra money on the Zilco crupper. Dixie's tail is set kind of low, and I think the fitted Zilco will be more comfortable for her. NOW: how on earth do I persuade her to lift her tail so I can clean her dock?!

  4. you probably have done this, but, put the crupper on a lot when she's saddled, and feed her something off the ground. they get really used to it tugging on them that way. maybe they even associate the crupper with a reward of food.
    and yes, you can do the ride, you can do it, you can do it!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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