Monday, May 3, 2010

Flooding 2010

So if you're a really long time reader, you might vaguely remember that when I lived in Memphis my riding area flooded pretty badly in 2008. I've got a whole series of posts about it. I rode Champ (miss ya, buddy!) through water that came up to MY knees. Cersei was a tiny thing, and the water was really frustrating for her. Most of our trails, along the Loosahatchie River, were completely closed off - a few a couple miles up the floodplain were rideable.

Apparently, the part of town I used to ride in has flooded even worse. The Mid-South had a series of really violent thunderstorms come through last weekend. My mother-in-law lives in Millington - her house flooded! Where I used to board is in Frayser. Those are the two worst-hit areas of Memphis. "My" river, the Loosahatchie, rose twenty-three feet in 24 hours. That's the height of a normal one-story house! In water! Here's the local news about it.

Nashville's actually even worse off than Memphis... but I didn't live in Nashville, so I'm not following their news as closely. Sorry, yall. If you want to read their crazy flood news, check out the Tennesseean.

If you do go read the old flood posts, Quinn is Dixie. When I first got her, I thought Dixie was a dumb name for a TWH so I tried out some different names. None of them stuck. And I still think Dixie's a dumb name, it just suits her better than anything else I can come up with. It's just really cliched, like naming your paint Hidalgo or your palomino Trigger. I must say, the further I move from Tennessee, the less dumb "My Walking Horse's name is Dixie" becomes. :)

And I rode today. We had a perfectly normal very short ride, so all is well between us.


  1. Hey. I am right there. Most of the schools in Middle Tennessee are closed. I'm in Dickson, and ours are probably gonna be closed all week because of flooding on the back roads. It is really sad because most of the people who lost their houses didn't have flood insurance, so they won't get anything. :(

  2. I almost forgot your forays back then to find some solid ground to ride on, and the pictures of everything underwater. I can't even imagine. I'm lucky that so far my biggest enemies have been mud or snow.

    I can't even imagine.


  3. How are you these days...been out and about I hope. dry. That flooding was aweful!
    I think the first time I read a blog post from you...there was gunshots in the back ground or something like that!

  4. Funder? You still there? It's been mighty quiet from your end of the blogosphere lately...?


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