Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snow far behind


I just wrote a huge post and Blogger ate the whole damn thing and it's my fault for not saving it to the clipboard before I clicked submit. I am just furious. Here is version 2, which is not as awesome as version 1 was.

I'm way behind on reading yall's blogs. Sorry. :(

I think Dixie's in good enough shape to do 2 LDs in mid-June, so I've been riding to have fun and to test out gear, not to get miles or increase fitness. Saturday I rode with all four Renegades, and today I rode with the new crupper. Here's Saturday's ride:

I think Dixie looks awesome right now! Great weight, great muscling - she's totally ripped for a TWH. And look at all that amazing mane!

I put all four boots on.

I think maybe the pastern straps were too tight. When I took the boots off two hours later, she had some warm pink spots on her heel bulbs where it looked like the hair was worn, and I'm pretty sure it would've turned into rubs. Renegade people, any advice? Here's the front and back pictures, if they help.

We rode up in the hills toward Antelope Valley, and I got this cool picture of the storm moving down on Reno.

Cersei hung in there with us.

Dixie met some burros. The word burro always makes me think of burrow owls, which makes me think of that Dead Milkmen song. (Warning! It's offensive. And weird. And funny.) Anyway, Miss Hateful didn't pin her ears or squeal or kick or bite the fence - she loved them, even though they didn't live in a hole in the ground. It was totally adorable.

After I pried Dixie away from the burrow owls I turned on the video camera and cantered on home. Warning! No matter how smooth you think the canter really is, it makes for a very seasick video. Still, it was totally cool that I could do such a thing.

Right as we got back in the neighborhood, it started snowing again. My husband edited this and subtitled it - thanks, sweetie!

Snowy Summer from Funder on Vimeo.

The day was actually really pleasant. It was cold when a cloud was blocking the sun, and pleasantly warm the rest of the time. Just weird Nevada summer snow. I'm not complaining :)

I'll put up today's ride tomorrow. And read some blogs!


  1. Check your drafts, I thought I lost one of my entries and it was saved there. :)

    I've never seen those boots before. How did they do otherwise? When your trimmer is a dealer for one brand, you don't see many others.

    So, uh, goats don't eat horses, eh? Then why is mine always trying to convince me that they do?!

  2. Love the video!

    Your boots are new to me, but I've had to keep my horse in an "Ole Mac" boot for an abscess. His heel bulbs rubbed until I put a stretchy sock on under the boot. I don't know if that would work for you - if it slipped around, it might make things worse.


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