Monday, April 4, 2011

And here we go, life's waiting to begin

Here's the other big news: I'm moving to California. G asked me to come out, so I am, sometime this summer. I'll pack up the stuff, the dog & cats, and the horse, and we'll all traipse off to rent a house in Dublin or Pittsburg, some place at the end of a BART line. I'm selling the lil mini goats now, before I get any more attached to them. The chickens will go shortly before I move, and I'll give Billy back to his former owner.

We'll rent out the house here. The sales market is utterly dismal, but it should rent well. We'll move back in 5 years or so, and either move back in here or (hopefully!) buy something a little further out, maybe in Palomino Valley now that I've ridden out there and fallen in love. ;)

There. Now that I've told you, you'll understand if I get maudlin about my beautiful high desert in some posts, or if I get sick of the stupid wind and sand in other posts.

Dixie news: She was sleepy and tired on Sunday, pretty perky on Monday, and completely back to her old self yesterday. I feel ok about asking her to do a 50 next weekend. God I hope it's warm enough to give her a quick bath the Friday before the ride! Right now I'm leaning toward NOT taking Cersei - the vet check (for the 30 and the 50) is out of camp, so Cers would be all alone ALL DAY.


  1. I know you love high desert, but the Bay Area is like my Xanadu. Jealous!

  2. Well, THAT was quick! >g<

    Of course, California is (slightly) closer to the Swampland than Nevada, so maybe you'll come visit meeeeeeeee! (pure selfishness, I haz it)

    Does moving mean that Dixie will be boarded someplace, or will you still be able to have her at home, wherever "home" is?

    Big changes..but meantime, there's endurance.

  3. But... but... Lindsey, it rains in the Bay Area! And the air's all thick and humid and gross! Rain and humidity is totally unnatural. ;)

    Aarene, yeah, that's why we want to get a place at the end of a BART line. He can work on the train into the city, and I will have more choices to board Dixie.

    I'm totally coming to crash your Christmas party or Halloween party or something. Get ready.

  4. I love a lot about the Bay area, so much to do and it is just a neat area. I think it would be a fun place to live for a few years - enjoy it!

  5. YEAH it rains, and everything is GREEN and LUSH and it's 65 degrees and the wind is gently playing with your hair and you're surrounded by huge trees, ahhhhhhhhhh.... And WINE don't forget the WINE!

  6. Ah, Funder, I'm happy for you.

  7. Wow...Hope you like where your moving to. It's hard to have a long distance relationship, so I completely understand the hubby wanting you to move. I'm sure the decision did not come lightly. How will that affect your Endurance riding?

  8. I can't drink wine, I'm allergic to it or something and one glass of anything gives me an all-day killer headache the next day. :(

    BEC - Umm, there's still a lot of rides, there's just not as many as close by. Dixie's feet will probably go to crap and I'll need to boot more. I'll pick a boarding place based on good grass hay, pasture/paddock board, and proximity to a decent trail system. It'll be really different.

    I'm definitely going back to Rides of March 2012 to conquer it :)

  9. I hear you on the rain/wet/humidity thing! I've been dealing with it for 20 years -and bitchin' about it for at least 15:)
    I know nothing of the Bay area but I'm sure you'll find some good stuff there too.

  10. Ok, where did this post come from? It snuck in here!!!!

    Good luck! You must be an old pro at relocating Dixie by now. I'm curious what sort of boarding you'll be able to find.

    Are you planning to try for the CA bar while you're there?

  11. Sounds like an adventure!

  12. Bay Area is fairly humidity-free ;) It's not too bad here most of the year! Speaking as someone who's been here all my life though, so I'm a tad biased...

    (Been lurking for awhile, but figured I should de-lurk at least to share some California love!)

  13. Nice to "meet" you, thefigureouter! :)


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