Thursday, April 7, 2011

I forgot about this!

You know how your inbox gets full of crap that you already answered and forgot to archive, or stuff you meant to do, or things that you don't even know why they're still there? No? It's just me? Oh. Well.

I've been paring down the crap in my inbox and when it all fit on one page again I found this Shazam link I made G send me when we were in SF at the Korean BBQ chicken place. The thing about Korean BBQ chicken, it's really fantastic chicken with a really strange sauce and you get all these little pickled veggies but the most important thing you get is SOJU. It tastes like fruit punch but it gets you very oddly drunk very fast. Like sake if sake tasted like watermelon juice.

So I'm slurping down the soju and eating pickled I have no idea what and waiting for my indescribably awesome chicken to come out when the big TV over the bar switches from Starcraft tournaments to some kind of Korean MTV. I'm halfway watching it, talking to G, when THIS VIDEO STARTS and I just stop eating and drinking and talking in mid-syllable to stare.

It's unbelievably weird! It's totally catchy! It's Lady Gaga-esque and we all know how much I love her. (Maybe we don't all know that, but now you know.)


  1. Bizarre! Yet incredibly creative, and the imagery/cinematography is mesmerizing.

  2. That's exactly how I feel about it, Jean. The music is so catchy, too, even though I have absolutely no idea what she's saying.

  3. A few Huh? moments....but a total LIKE!!!

    Ooohhh...I have to say... Ioved the outfits...particularly the skirts. MUST have one! (No idea where I will ever wear it-LOL)

  4. Willy translates for me: it's about a girl turning 18 years old, when Korean kids are considered "adults. Girls get perfume and roses as gifts. The song also says, "I'm a grownup person now, don't think of me as a child anymore."

    Neither of us has any idea what the bug and the sewing machine were supposed to represent.

  5. Aarene - please tell Willy thanks so much! That explains the bear, if it's a symbol of childhood.

    BEC - that skirt is definitely a -costume-, not normal clothes.


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