Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thank you Dixie and Dave Rabe

They got me through our first 50. Dave turtled on an out-of-shape mare with us - he kept us plugging along at just-fast-enough, and he was so convinced that we'd all finish in time that I never quite gave up hope. Dixie just gave me everything she had. She is all heart. I am in tears thinking about what an amazing mare she is!

Thank you to ~C for being a wonderful mentor and getting me to most of these rides, and my infinitely patient husband for being 100% supportive of this utterly incomprehensible obsession. And thank you to all the rest of yall - I could go on like an Oscar winner listing off different categories of friends and why you're awesome, but nobody likes those things (unless Kanye is involved) so I'll cut it short: you all rock.

This is the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done.


  1. Well done to both of you, 50m is not an easy distance!!

  2. Dave Rabe... Rabe of the Tevis fame family? Impressive! But even more impressive is your finish! Congrats to you and a big neck rub for Dixie. Aren't you in awe of what our horses do for us when asked.

    Anxious to hear the details, like if the camel back worked or not and the size of the hole Dixie pawed. LOL!

    Again, good, good job!

  3. Congrads! And, glad to hear that everyone is home safe and sound. I can't wait to hear the whole story!

  4. Way. To. Go. How do things look in the morning light?


  5. "To finish is to WIN!" Congratulations on your BIG WIN!
    (Bet you both slept well last night...)

  6. Well done! Can't wait to read more details!

  7. Hooray for both of you!!! Can't wait to hear the details.

    Was it pretty? Was it fun?

  8. So happy for you! Can't wait to hear all about the ride. Hope you and Dixie are getting some well deserved rest today :)

  9. What an honor it must have been to ride with the infamous Dave Rabe!!

    Congrats to completing your first 50 successfully.

    Well done

  10. i hope you understand that this kind of blog entry is really hard for me to read and i want to comment (about your ride story) but sometimes i can't.

    i'm really happy for you that you completed. of course i told my husband about it.

    i just don't know how much longer i can not do endurance. *sigh*

  11. Thanks, y'all.

    Lytha, I really understand. Every time a friend gets a trailer my heart breaks a little more. I keep telling myself that happiness is not a pie chart, that their happiness isn't taking anything away from me, but it really doesn't help. All I can say is that I do know how much it hurts. Hugs!


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