Friday, April 1, 2011

Should I bring mint juleps?

We're going to the Derby! No, not the one back east, the Nevada Derby. Zach and his mom are coming to pick up Dixie this afternoon, and I'll follow them in my truck. Zach is planning on vetting in, then taking Bo back to his boarding place a couple miles away and going home for the night. I am going to make this a teaching & camping opportunity for all three of us.

Three, you say? Yeah, I'm gonna bring Cersei. I'd love for her to be a good camping buddy so she might as well start getting used to it. She's good about being tied to the truck for hours, and she's very warm, and everybody loves a little dog.

Dixie and I will do the 25 on Saturday, then maybe the 15 on Sunday or maybe we'll just trail ride. I'm not sure if it's worth the extra $25 to do a second (short) formal ride.

Of course the weather is turning awful for Saturday and Sunday. I spent this week demolishing and hauling away the pool, then rebuilding the fence that blew down, and it was so lovely out that I actually got sunburned! But no, of course there's snow forecast for Saturday night, ffffffffff! (Ok, fine, it's "snow showers" forecast, but still. I don't think they meant "April snowshowers bring May flowers.")

C and I are planning on a 50 at the High Desert Classic in two weeks, so I think 2 days of easy riding this weekend will be good for Dixie. And drinking. Two days of drinking.

I am so far behind on yall's blogs I have no idea how I'll ever catch up, but when I get home Sunday I'll try. And I have more Stuff to Tell You but 1) it's April Fools so you should be rightfully skeptical of anything you read and 2) I need to finish laundry, finish cleaning the house*, go to lunch, and try to clean my horse.

*I have discovered that the secret of camping/e-riding when you're the only occupant of the house is to make the house as clean and full of food as possible before you leave. It's really quite nice to come home and beg your SO to bring you something to eat while you lay on the couch, but if that's not an option, the next best thing is to have a well stocked fridge and clean laundry.


  1. Have fun and make sure that horse of yours does NOT drink mint juleps!!!

    And you are totally correct about coming home to a clean house. It makes my family crazy that we have to rush around the night before we leave for camp, vacuuming and changing sheets, but it is WONDERFUL to come home and collapse in a clean environment.

  2. Yes ! And one of those fancy hats, too ! :)

  3. Oh, I didn't even think about if the whole family goes with you! Wow, I bet it's wonderful x4 to come home to a clean house with your family :)

  4. My OH is on shifts at the moment, so for a few days she isnt around. But its nice for her to come home to a tidy house, (or not!)

  5. Have a great weekend, but do make sure that Dixie doesn't drink mint juleps. Unless, of course, a genteel sip encourages her to drink more water!

  6. True words. It's the start of the season here too and I am spending the day cleaning, cooking and getting everything loaded. HATE coming home tired, hungry and wondering 'what's for supper'. Just like to come home, take care of horses, eat and flop down. Cause I know I have to do it all over again the next day..

  7. Good luck, have fun, and be safe! Can't wait to hear the recap.

  8. Sounds like a good plan for the weekend. Sorry about the snow showers. That sucks.

    I've always left with my house clean and fridge full for my return home. Unfortunately, Dave and Lindsay really appreciated it too and took advantage. By the time I get home the fridge is again empty and the place looks like a much for planning. Dave and Lindsay now get threatened before I leave. LOL


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