Thursday, March 24, 2011

She's back

Dixie's been quiet and tired since the ride. I knew she'd bounce back and I've been watching for it. This morning was the first time she did the full head-twirling, rolling aggressively in the sand, cantering around routine, so I now pronounce her Completely Recovered.

The unofficial and rough rule of thumb seems to be to give the horse a day off per 5 days ridden. (Obviously, at a certain point a really peak horse doesn't need it - that's how they trot happily through 5-day pioneers or weeks of XP rides.) Dixie did right at 35 miles, so I was expecting her to recover to her usual uppity self no later than Sunday. Seeing her back to normal today makes me happy :)

She's so funny. I don't think she's really disrespectful to me (yeah, still contemplating the leadership thing - I'm not nearly so sulky about it, just critically thinking about our interactions for a while). She just needs to let the whole world know that she's the bomb-diggity. She trots and canters around her paddock, twirling her head so vigorously that I'm really surprised she doesn't get dizzy and fall down. Sometimes she'll come prancing over to me and toss her head, and I'll wave my arms (or even just flick my fingers) at her and she spins and bolts away, tossing her head at everything else. When she tosses her head at the goat, he runs. Tragically, the chickens are unimpressed and the neighbor horses just watch her quietly. I'm sure if she could make everything in sight flee from her majestic posturing she'd be content. ;)

A head-flinging happy horse is one of the deepest pleasures of my life. I'm so lucky!

G is coming in for the weekend, so I probably won't post much. Maybe I can finally get caught up on all yall's blogs (or maybe I won't even get online). No promises! Stay warm and dry, if you're in one of the benighted parts of the world still getting snow. And keep your trap shut about your beautiful weather if you're not getting snowed on! :P


  1. I do one day off for every 10 miles of competition :) Glad she's bouncing back.

  2. Do pictures of beautiful trees count ? :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. when i walk baasha's grain to a particular spot in the pasture, he walks next to me and grumbles/mumbles that food noise the whole time, and tosses his head in impatient circles. it's so cute now i've taken to saying, "do that head thing! toss your head!"

    even though it's naughty, and reminds me of bart simpson saying "sniff that other dog's butt!" at obedience school.

  4. *trap is shut* :-)

    There is almost nothing so deeply satisfying as watching happy horses play...especially when you can do it from the comfort of your home. I can sit for hours and watch mine just BE.

  5. But it was sunny and 83 here today... you don't want me to mention that? Okay, I'll keep it to myself. ;)

    I bet she looked lovely out there running around! Glad she's feeling all charged up again!

  6. OH NO...another thing that Phebes AND Dixie do.

    I'm starting to be afraid that there is a dimensional rift...and we are keeping the same horse.

  7. Aw, I'm glad Dixie girl has her mojo back.

  8. Hahaha-My daughter's blue roan does that head twirl thing, It is so funny.

    Have a wonderful weekend with the hubby. ;-)

  9. yay dixie!
    Dudley swings and flings his head like a maniac too - especially when I'm yelling at him for getting in trouble!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  10. Good to hear that Dixie has recovered. How about you?

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  11. That head twirling is so amusing and satisfying to watch.

  12. Too bad the chickens aren't impressed with Her Impressive Majesty! Bow down, hens!


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