Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stetsons are cool!

New Who for Easter!

BBC trailer


  1. Thanks for sharing! The start date for the new season is marked in red on the calendar.

  2. We are counting the days here in this house! So excited!

    So, Funder, dear, who is YOUR doctor?

    Mine? Christopher Eccelston
    My husbands- Tom Baker
    My eldest and youngest- David Tennant
    The middle child- Matt Smith

    We've all started watching The Doctor at different times.

  3. OS - I like Christopher Eccelston, then David Tennant. Briar likes Matt Smith.

    Who's your favorite companion? I like Rose, Briar can't stand her. Briar loves Any Pond.

  4. I think G still likes Tom Baker the best. I will always love David Tennant (even though I started watching Eccelston) but Matt Smith is really growing on me. Same with Amy Pond - she's no Rose but she's pretty awesome too.

    I really liked last season! It came perilously close to just Pushing The Reset Button, but they pulled it off. Great buildup! And not too many Daleks. I know it makes me a bad fan but OMG they get on my nerves so bad with the whiny "exterminate" all the time!

    That reminds me - I keep meaning to go back and rewatch last season and see if you ever see the second story of Pond's house from the outside.

  5. Have a look at Patrick Troughton, and William Hartnell!!

  6. Must. Not. Look.

    Must. Be. Surprised.

    Must wait for BBC America to finally start showing them. Sigh.

    Also, Tom Baker all the way. For no other reason than it reminds me of watching PBS in the eighties, wishing my brother would turn off this dumb show with the guy with the rubbery face and put on cartoons.

  7. My favorite companion... Can I say Capt. Jack? I know he wasn't an official companion, but he's pretty awesome.

    Seriously, it's a toss up between Rose and Donna. Amy Pond is growing on me though (we haven't watched all of last season as a few episodes are missing due to our move across country).


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