Wednesday, March 2, 2011

... and my subscribers shall plummet

when I admit this.

I have spent the last 5 days watching Glee. I'm up to the Britney Spears episode in Season 2 and it's the best thing I've ever seen. This shit is almost as funny as Archer, except with music instead of wildly inappropriate language.

Also I am fighting with my truck's fancy sound system, and I'm pushing through the trim on the hall. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I think I'll go ride - today was very windy then rainy, then I was on a roll in the hall by the time the weather died down.

Perhaps I will have something blog-worthy tomorrow. If not, there's always the AERC convention on Friday and Saturday!


  1. HI You,
    I have lots of clients that say that is a great show...I've never watched it. Maybe ave to check/see on demand.

    WHAT= I think you are saying..YOU may not have ever watched it(now you like it though) =IF the winter hadn't stopped you ccold from being out in it with your mare!

    Hope you get to go soon!

  2. We like Glee too! Not as much as Dr. Who but better music.

    I can't wait for summer though. I am tired of watching tv. There is just not that much I can do outdoors when the wind is blowing 75 mph and the temps are in the 20s.

  3. Pretty much, yall. It's not Alaska-horrible here, but it's not much fun - we had the snow and cold, then yesterday it got up to 40 and the wind started howling. Today the snow melted and it rained!! It's like snow that's already melted, wtf!! Totally gross. I don't miss rain one bit.

    Tomorrow I am very tempted to ride but I've got the vet coming to do spring shots and I usually don't ride hard after vaccines. Maybe just a couple miles, just to let Cersei run and to work the kinks out of me and Dixie...

    Glee is really really stupid and really really amusing. It's good dumb fun :D

    Kacy, start at the beginning if you can! It makes much more sense that way.

  4. Glee is over here...........I have never seen it. People rave about it, people I know go crazy if they miss an episode?

    I think its a girl thing? No?

  5. Glee addict too! And no, we won't pummel you. There has been a few days where I get really caught up in a story, be it tv/movie/or book, and find myself inside when I shouldn't be.

    I also agree with AKPonyGirl, Dr Who and Torchwood are awesome!

  6. We don't have a connection to network TV here, so every Friday evening (in winter) is homemade pizza + movie night.

    We got Glee Season #1 for Xmas, and (I'm not kidding) pretty soon our whole family was singing along with the television...and each other. That just cannot be a bad thing, even if sounds totally stupid! ;-)

  7. If it makes you feel any better, I've been listening to My Chemical Romance, having first heard it on Glee. :)

    So you're not the only one!

  8. I love Glee! People laugh at me when I tell them I watch it, and then they watch it and understand why it's so great!! Very addicting! :)

  9. I haven't watched Glee, but the trailer commercials make me laugh sometimes. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a little dumb humor. My family like to watch South Park and Family Guy. I really don't like them, but do end up laughing. It amazes me what they can get away with saying and insinuating because these shows are 'cartoons'.

    As to the weather, I think the beginning of Spring is even harder on us than Winter. It gets just nice enough to start to be able to do things, but the nice days sure can be intermittent.

  10. Really??? Glee??? uggghhhh.. I am so leaving you...(not really) but a little shocked..and for you possibly ..

    So what is the deal with that boy/girl character? What is he/she/it ?? I can't figure it out.. Granted I have only watched the show once or twice..

  11. No riding here either. It sucks. I have resorted to watching soap operas, god help me! Spring better be coming soon or I think I will be certifable. LOL

    Sorry, still have not answered that email. Still thinking about the best way to explain clearly what I want to say. Sometimes it takes me a while. Have patience. I am getting closer. LOL

  12. I've never watched Glee (but we hardly ever watch tv) so I never have a clue what all the facebook chatter is about after a Glee episode!

  13. Hey BEC - if yall like South Park and Family Guy, you will probably love Archer. It's also animated and totally over the line most of the time.

  14. My son is in choir and was in show choir at his prior school. He turned me on to Glee. Not so much the show, but the YouTube clips from their cover songs. I love listening to them sing "Beth" by KISS. And remember "Run, Joey, Run". Brings back memories. Great tunes!

  15. I love Glee! And Castle! And Big Bang Theory! (Hello? I could be Penny's older sister here!) But, do you watch Doctor Who? THAT is the real question?


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