Saturday, March 19, 2011

Puttin' the RO in ROM

Yep, we pulled! (Non e-people: RO is "rider option," when the horse is deemed fit to continue but the rider thinks there's trouble brewing and opts to pull. Technically you can RO if you are hurting too bad to go on, but that's pretty rare.)

I really really wanted to finish. I cried when I pulled. I'm crying now. But more than anything I want to not hurt my horse. The shortest possible story, because I'm totally exhausted and can't type up the whole thing tonight, is that it was very cold, windy, and snowy, and Ms. I Don't Like To Drink didn't drink, and she ran out of gas. By the 35 mile check, she was too tired to eat like a pig and her eyes were exhausted.

Debatably I rode a little too fast for the first loop - 20 miles in 3 hours, about 8 mph for the first hour then 6 mph the other two, but I think she'd have only made it a little further before she crashed if we'd gone slower. She didn't drink for 23 miles!

I don't know if they gave me RO or RO-M* - she had a high CRI at lunch, and I could've rechecked and probably gotten cleared to go on, but it doesn't really matter. :)

More tomorrow! Thanks so much for all your well-wishes - I checked my email a couple times today and the comments made me smile. lytha, I promise you didn't miss much this time! Sideways ice-snow, yuck.

(rider option metabolic, as opposed to rider option lame or just plain rider option.)


  1. So so sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you did what's best for Dixie. Hugs, and take care of yourself (and your pony) tonight!

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear you pulled. I know the feeling of heart break that comes with making that choice, right as it is. I also know that exhausted look. It goes straight to your soul. Better luck next time. *big hugs*

  3. I tried to post THREE times to wish you luck and Blogger killed my Inner Child.

    Sorry to hear you pulled, but you take care of Dixie and that mare knows it. She even let you kiss her! (Quickly!) There is a sense of accomplishment of finishing, but a better feeling in that knowing you did the right thing.

    There are always other rides. If I could fix up my house, work around the truck that likes to break down, SNOW, and take care of chickens, and goats, a beautiful dog and still find the time to condition my horse to be ABLE to go 35 miles, I know I would feel pretty accomplished either way.

    Glad to hear the two of you are ok. Always cheering the two of you on, no matter if you finish, pull, come in last, get bored and go home, whatever. :)

  4. Awww-Sorry to hear the ride didn't go as planned. There is never a doubt you would only do what was in the best interest of your horse...hopefully it's just a learning curve thing?

    I know nada about endurance, but is learning to drink at check points something that Dixie will just have to learn to do? And will figure out with experience?

  5. Oh no, that sucks! But there will be another ride and most importantly you took care of your horse and did what was best for her. I hope you aren't too sad:(
    Think of this as a training ride.

  6. i am so proud of you for ROing - it takes a lot of self control to quit when the vets say you can continue.

    i actually dreamed about your ride last night - that it had a controlled start - isn't that odd? did it have a controlled start?

    i've never RO'd, but i've gone overtime on purpose (on foot walking) due to terrain.

    at first when i read your post i felt guilty about what i said about what would happen to dixie at around mile 30! that was not supposed to be prophetic.

    i wonder if you were riding alone. i guess you'll tell us the whole story when you can.

    i'm sorry it happened that way but so impressed you RO'd.


  7. well it does not really matter if it was RO- or something else---it was for her, and in the end, who cares what it is called if she is okay.

    And you gave it a stab. and you know more for next time

  8. oh, i just remembered the time baasha ran out of gas on a 50. it was the first time in his life he did not trot when i asked him to, and i thought omgosh he's dying so i jumped off and luckily there was a patch of grass. i sat down in the grass and let him graze for 15 or 20 minutes and that did it - he was fine after that. if it had been snowing, i may not have found the grass, and we would have been SOL.

  9. You put your horse first and that's what matters - nothing else does. Good for you - sorry that was the outcome but you should feel good about it even if it was a disappointment - sending good thoughts and wishes.

  10. Taking a RO is a hard decision, but when you as a rider know that if you go forward there is risk involved...well, who wants to risk their horse's life on a completion attempt? You did the right thing for Dixie and that is to be commended, more so than a completion in my mind. You put your horse first, and that is awesome. ~E.G.

  11. P.S.

    The way you've been training and the speed she is able to maintain she can do quite well on an LD. Why don't you use a few LD's as conditioning rides prior to your next attempt at a 50?


    I'm thinking about trying some of those flavor packets and see if Phebes will like her water better. Maybe you can find something to put in Dixie's water that she finds irrisistable? And was she sweating heavy? Did you electrolyte the morning of?

  12. Oh - so sorry! Good on you for thinking of Dixie first - bless her little heart.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it. Hope you and Dixie got some well deserved rest. :)

  13. With weather like that, I'd of RO-WW (weather weenie). Good job for getting out in it!

    Good job for taking care of your horse. Very frustrating when they won't drink.

  14. There's no shame in an RO, that's fer shore. Your next 50 will be better, because you (and Dixie?) learned some stuff this time I'll bet.

    What were you using for electrolytes, and did the vets have any advice for you?

  15. I know it's a blow but you did the best thing for your horse, and not everybody will do that!!!!! I have gone on when I should have pulled, and although the horse inevitably was fine, I didn't have the guts or knowledge to pull. It's always a learning experience, and there are always more endurance rides! you'll both get there.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  16. That's bad luck however you did the right thing and I hope that you will be able to feel good about it.

  17. Oh Funder, I'm so sorry. But like everybody else said, good for you for doing the right thing. (((hugs)))

  18. All I can say is ditto to everyone else. You did the right thing by the horse and that's what will be remembered.

  19. Dixie and Funder made the best RO..good job. Glad you did what you did!

    She did a great job, though what's with the no drinking? Would electrolyte paste help her to drink...just to get the taste out her mouth?

    Anywho, I'm so glad you tried and wow, that was'll be killer In better weather!
    Can't wait to hear the fine details ~


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