Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet the new boys

May I present Bo and Luke?

They're clearly wearing bellbottoms, and there's a blonde one and a dark haired one. Hopefully the ladies will find them irresistible. Right now they back down even against the lowest-ranking bantam Leghorns, poor little guys.

They are Cochins, and they are sweet as pie. They were supposed to be pet backyard hens for a lady in the city, but unfortunately for her they grew up into roosters. They are hand-tame and I'm working on keeping them that way - a mean rooster will rapidly become dog food, but a sweet one can stay :)

G flipped his lid when I informed him via text message that I was getting new animals. I might have neglected to mention that it was just two more chickens. He's funny when he's mad :)


  1. They are awesome!
    I know so many husband s that get streamed when wives say another animal is coming to stay.
    In this case roost.

  2. >snork<

    yousa baaaaaaad gurl.

    Like it that way.

  3. I got new chickens too! Mine are girls though so will contribute to the family every day. They are culls from a friend's breeding program.

    Hope Bo and Luke stay sweet.

  4. aaaaaa! such cute chickens! I hope to get some this year....can't wait : )

  5. Now you have to have a bodacious hen named Daisy.

  6. Hahahaha-Love their names. Too funny.

    I'm in hell here because the baby chicks are in at all of the feed stores and I am not set up yet to start buying.

    I love chickens with feathered legs (like your boys), but am a Banty lover. I saw some Banty babies that have feathered legs...Oohhhhh, it was hard to resist. I simply must get my shed converted to a coop ASAP.

  7. Oh! I love your new roos!


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