Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good mare

The NEDA ride was the best kind of uneventful. 23.5 miles in 3:30. Dixie wasn't too hot and she certainly wasn't tired. She drank a couple gallons at the trailer (and of course drank better when we got home).

I photoshopped all of these pics. You can't take HDR photos from a moving horse, and there's no other way to get the high contrast landscapes. The colors are accurate though! The sagebrush really is mint green right now.

We fell in with Nancy and Feena - Feena was Dixie's buddy at High Desert.

Poor Dixie. The other horses had the real Power Trot thing going on, but Dixie doesn't think she can trot faster than 9 mph. When they'd speed up, Dixie would have to canter to catch up, then slow back down to a trot or a pace or something. They'd pull ahead and she'd have to canter again.
What were the skies like when you were young

The other people I was riding with thought it was very humid. Once they mentioned it, I could tell that the air was in fact moister than usual, but no southerner would ever think it was humid.

Astonishingly, it rained on the way home! Look, raindrops!

So I sent in my entry for the NASTR 50. I need a new rasp - mine is no longer adequate to deal with summer desert feet. And I need to scrub Dixie's mane and tail again if it's warm enough Friday - they're approaching whiteness but they're not fairy-tale quality yet. ;) That's about all I've got!


  1. Congrats! I can't even imagining covering that much ground in so little time. Amazing to this casual trail rider.

    Then again just riding is amazing. Stupid rain. Stupid sodden trails.

  2. Great ride! Glad you went. Dixie sounds like she did awesome and is drinking well.

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, she drank...amd it wasn't even rum! Did you change your elyte protocol, or is she just "getting it" now?

    Matching gaited horses w non-gaited horses it's tough. Fee doesn't gait well (because I'm so sucky at cueing and supporting an easy gait!) so she is more comfy with non-gaited...but her speeds aren't a great match for Arabs, either. Mostly, we ride alone in competition.

    So...what's your next ride?

  4. Well done to you both! Its quite a good feeling when it all goes well.

  5. Sounds like you indeed have yourself an endurance horse!



  6. Congratulations on a good ride! Try AnvilBrand.com for a really good rasp. They can be pricey (~$30); I think we have a Save Edge, but they work on the hard Mustang hoof. My farrier tried to snitch it. Lol.

  7. Thanks, yall :)

    Juanita - I have heard Save Edge are good, and that might be what I'm using now. Whatever I am using now was delightfully sharp at first! Anyway I think my feed store has Save Edges, so I'll try one.

  8. Oh, Aarene - NASTR 50, June 4th! :o

  9. Those are lovely colours. What a nice ride you've enjoyed.

    I'd be happy to welcome some of those raindrops over here right now.

  10. Sounds like a great ride! It's nice to hear she's drinking better too... :)

  11. Such gorgeous riding! Love the photos. Glad it was uneventful. Congrats :)

  12. WOW..took me 5 tries to comment..I hate blogger!

    Made me SMILE big to see those beautiful sandy trailways! I jsut love where you live and ride.
    Oh to trot 9 miles per hour...I have to get hoof boots and or EW shoes again to be able to do that!

    AWESOME photos and so glad you went and also signed upfor the next 5-0~!
    The Electrolyte mix -with all your kindnesses to the mare..Love that too!
    Raindrops looked cleansing and cool.
    RIDE ON!

  13. Go Dixie! Go Funder! can't wait to hear about your NASTR 50, good luck! and love those skies.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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