Friday, May 13, 2011


Look! Isn't it adorable? I think every sentence in this post will end with exclamation marks :)

It's a 2011 2 horse slant, pretty basic model. It's got a water tank and a totally nifty folding saddle rack. There's a weak latch to hold the tack room door open, but no big deal because there's a little skylight vent thingie and a light inside. And there's a slightly sturdier looking latch to hold open the horse door! And I have not one but two keys to the tack room door!

Oh my god, I have a trailer

The saddles fold mostly out of the way, like this picture, but the whole rack thing twists and folds to where it sticks out of the door so it's easier to load and unload. Pretty neat. I hope it doesn't break too fast.


Banders investigated and approved.


More Banders inspection committee.


It only weighs 2600 lbs empty so it tows like a dream. It's new, so all the lights work! No dents yet! There's not a lot to say other than "boy it sure is new, everything works like it's new", LOL.

It needs flame decals. And stickers. I wish there were TWH silhouette stickers that didn't look padded :( Or even endurance silhouettes that don't look like Arabs!


  1. Clearly, we need to design a non-arab endurance sticker. Hmmmm. A friend of mine is an endurance rider, an artist, AND she rides a standie.


    Is that carpet on the tack room floor? Crazy. I'm envious of the saddle each, though!

  2. Yeah, it's carpeted. Seems like a terrible idea to me. But it's not attached - just lays on the wood floor, so I can pull it and clean it eventually.

    We definitely need a nondenominational (yet big-headed) endurance sticker!

  3. Very nice!! There's nothing quite like a brand spankin' new trailer! I bet you're super excited! :)

    You know, I had carpet in the dressing room of my very first trailer and I loved it. It didn't get as dirty as one might think... my current trailer has linoleum and I bought enough bath mats to cover the entire floor!


  4. "Hell! little lady! That sure is some kinda dream!....."

    Good for you!....I love new stuff! Smells great and looks the business! Happy trails!

  5. Looks really nice! I could use a 2-horse slant - they aren't that easy to find for some reason - but sometimes my 4-horse comes in handy. My tack room floor is carpeted - and it's glued down (!) - so I'm constantly battling mold problems, particularly as the tack room windows tend to slide open when I'm hauling, and if it's raining . . .

  6. Most excellent trailer. I have trailer envy. :-)

    Hope you get lots of good use out of it. The tack room looks really nice as well. Good thing the cat approves!

  7. Oooooooooooooo flames yes. And the carpet totally SUCKS.... I have carpet in my tackroom... guess what happens when you find out you have a leak in your skylight!! SMELLY MOLDY CITY. Also, it's horribly impossible to clean... I've given up and just sweep it out every few months when I can't stand it anymore. And vacuum once a year when I'm going somewhere really important... which makes it look nice for like, 5 minutes.

  8. Nothing equals freedom like your own trailer - enjoy!!

  9. Nice trailer - congrats!!

    I got some dressage magnetic decals for my trailer that weren't too objectionable. The rider had a top hat on... now she has a helmet - you can trim them pretty well with nail scissors ;)

  10. Yeah!! And look how neat and tidy the tack room looks! (Like that'll continue...)
    Has Dixie had a chance to test it out yet? Hopefully, she'll approve.

  11. OohHh a Trailer!!! Very envious of the saddle rack thingie. Very cool.

  12. Nice! Love that saddle rack, I need to find one like that. Very cool trailer!!!

  13. My trailer (same trailer!) came with rubber floor mats--looks like they trimmed an extra piece from the horse area, and threw it down in the tack room. I *love* that.

    In our camper, we put down rubber floor matting--the "puzzle piece" kind that people put in workspaces where they will be standing a lot. MUCH easier to keep clean!!!

  14. Love YOUR TRAILER! Yes, stickers!

  15. Excellent news. Well done and have fun with your new mobility.

  16. Very nice! My trailer is very similar and it's just perfect for what we do. As for the carpet, mine is covered with dead flies and I can't figure out how to clear them out since I don't own a shop vac. I wish my tack room was as tidy as yours lol.


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