Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yerington Castle

Ok here we go!
Are you ready for the farm castle?

What do you mean you can't see it? It's clearly a castle with various half-finished stone outbuildings plopped down in a Nevada ranch.
Behold the farm castle

I thought this thing with the columns was a folly the first time I saw it. Now I think it's something else that's just perpetually half-complete.
Not a folly - just a half-finished castley thing

I totally want stone columns instead of t-posts now.

How bizarre is this.

Ok. So I went and did my little one-day job in Yerington.
Downtown Yerington

It was a lovely day and when I finished up at 3 pm it was 70 glorious degrees. And windy. Some googling has tentatively identified this obviously manmade hill thing as an inactive and flooded open pit copper mine. So the dust was probably mine tailings full of cancer. Yippie.
I think that's the copper mine leach pond

There was a storm line moving east as far as I could see. The wind was amazing, tossing my truck all over the place.

Here's the other dichotomous view of the castle.
Dust storm at the farm castle

I ran north along the storm line all the way to Fernley, where I headed straight into it.
Headed into the storm

It rained on me all the way home. Here's Reno in the rain - look, ma, no mountains!
Reno, minus mountains

The wind blew down more of that damn fence.
Oh joy more of the damn fence blew down

Peavine got snowed on.
Where is Peavine?

But it sure does look pretty anyway.
Oh there it is, with new snow


  1. I love NV! That castle is crazy, but the square cloud looking thing that's in those pics and not the others? What is that?
    NV still has those great old fashioned towns and wide open spaces. Thanks for the great pics!

  2. Haha glad you liked it! Nevada rocks - I love the whole weird wild west, actually. The square thing is the reflection of my GPS, lol. Most of those pics were taken from the truck and I cropped out the dashboard, etc.

  3. That fence is trying to tell you something. BUST IT WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!

    Ahem. Why yes, I do love demolition work, why do you ask?

  4. I love Nevada skies, truly I do.

  5. I love the stone columns too! I want them, instead of wooden fence posts! Then when the LL's dudes hit one with the riding lawnmower, it won't bust at the bottom!

    I love the castle! How cool! And it was refreshing to see the snow, as today is just... "ugh!", outside right now.

  6. Cool pix! Can't relate to snow at all though :)

  7. Umm. Castle: WEIRD. But I, too, love this wild west, despite the spring wind.

  8. It's a pretty landscape where you live. But fly over the pond (Icelandic volcanoes permitting of course) and I'll show you some real big medieval castles. And we'll have a drink at the bar where Tolkien used to hang out.

  9. We have partially finished castle about 10 miles away. You can only see glimpses of it from the road. Jason actually thought he was seeing a grain silo with a copper roof on it the first time he saw it!! He couldn't figure out WHY anyone would spend so much money for a roof on a silo. I just gave him a look of "OMG please tell me you are not this stupid. It is part of a castle!!!!"

  10. Wow! Did I ever enjoy the photos you took! The town is so nice & so rare now! Similar to our Arlington, here -- hope "time" continue to passes them by! Blue sky, 70 degrees... what IS that???

  11. Wonder what they were thinking. Reminds me of a place here that has portions of the fence comprised of brick pillars. Always makes me do a double take when I go by.

  12. Love all the pictures. It reminds me of how beautiful Nevada is, in it's wild, untamable (except Reno) ways.

    The castle. I'm going to be the crazy person and say "I am oddly attracted to it, and would probably live there if someone gave it to me for free."

    But then I'm used to all the bizarre buildings wineries produce to attract customers: fake french chateaus, castle-like entrances (sans moats) wildly expensive stonework, etc.

  13. I know that castle! it's a horse place, or was, isn't it?
    and Yerington, don't drink the water there.
    and hey, the weather in Reno looks just like it did when I left the AERC convention in mid-March. Come to think of it, it's doing the same thing here right now! sheesh.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  14. As much as I love living right by the beach on an island, with mountains as a backdrop around me, there is something about the wide open spaces of Nevada that calls to me. Great shots - thanks for the tour!


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