Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ok, look, I know it's technically spring. I'm cool with that, really I am, but the thing is, there's early spring and late spring, and late spring is supposed to feel more like summer. There's a progression that happens, where between January and June the temperature goes up.

Except not in Reno, not in 2011. It's still windy and 50s and sporadically snowing. And it's totally harshing my vibe. It's not like I really want to be back home, where it's like a sauna - humid and 90s. I'm just saying I'd like some warmer days and no more damn snow.

Dixie agrees.

Dixie is mad about the Memorial Day weekend snowstorm from Funder on Vimeo.

Anyway. G came home for the holiday weekend, and that was cool. I'm getting ready for NASTR this weekend, and that's equally cool. My tomato plants died over the weekend, which is not so cool. I swapped out some light fixtures in the house and my house looks way cooler than before. I am woefully uninspired to blog; I blame PMS and this ridiculous weather. No guesses when I'll get my mojo back, but I'll definitely take lots of pictures at NASTR for yall :)


  1. Here at the lodge, we have had THREE DAYS IN A ROW WITH NO SNOW!!!

    I can hardly stand it.


  2. Freaky weather all over the place. No snow here, but we got one nice day (Saturday) and then two days of H.E.L.L! 50+mph winds...that started at 5am on Sunday morning and D.I.D. N.O.T. stop until 8 pm on Monday.

    Now it's 80+ degrees? It's a wonder my horses have not gotten sick with the drastic ups and downs in the temps from one day to the next.

  3. she's beautiful and really turns on a dime. i wonder if your neighbors enjoy the shows she puts on too.

    were you just a little worried about her going over the fence?

    if i could give you this weather i'd do it in a second. it's ridiculous. we hit 91 the other day and i am sick of being sticky with sunscreen and having bugs get stuck on me.

    but guess what - our hay got cut yesterday, woo! so lovely, soon i'll turn baasha out there again but he won't put on a show like dixie. more likely he'll seek okut shade.

    time to start looking for fireflies at night, and did you know our days are so short this far north, it's still light out at 11pm? it's creepy and wrong.

  4. And I got to ride out a tornado at work last week. Gotta love the midwest.....~E.G.

  5. Right now I would welcome 50s and a touch of snow. Battling 90+ weather this early in the game does not bode well for the upcoming summer.

  6. On Sat. we woke up to 4+" of snow on the cars & thats just what the wind left. What a crappy weekend...

  7. I'll be glad if our weather tops 60 degrees for more than an hour.


    Need some rain, anybody? I seem to have plenty of extra....

  8. Hahaha! Mine have been doing the angry-dance, too, thanks to this @!#$% weather.

  9. We have been having record breaking temps here in the upper 90s all week so far. I'm not complaining though.

    When we left Oregon mid-June of last year, we'd had exactly 3 days over 50 degrees and 150 days straight of rain. Really, I'm still not complaining about the heat! Glad I'm not still in the PNW with all that rain!

  10. I am SO ready for "sprinter" (the new name for this unseasonably cold April/May season) to be over. We get a couple of hours of warm sunshine, then back to rain, wind, cold. Coldest April/May on record for my neck of the woods (south west British Columbia). I'm hoping for a warmer June, but today isn't much different from last month...or the month before...or the month before that.

    I should be thankful we aren't still getting snow where I live. Touch wood.

  11. I'm with you this weather sucks. I heard a weather forecaster over the weekend saying that Memorial day is the unofficial beginning of summer. I thought the guy should take a look outside before saying that. There's nothing at all looking like summer here.

    I'm having a bit of a funk about blogging too and I'm sure it's Mother Nature's fault. It's hard to be motivated in any way shape or form when you're freezing to death. At least we've had no snow, but believe me, plenty of hail.

  12. WOWOW look at those lead changes and spins! Here in Ohio we are in the 90's already... last week it was struggling to see 60's. Weather is EF'DUP!

  13. my goodness - snow in June! What a varied place you live in.

    We had a tornado just off the coast - in Europe, which "never" has such things - in the form of a waterspout.

    Meanwhile the wind just blows every day. I can't remember the last time I rode on a totally calm day.

  14. haha funny Dixie! good luck this weekend... though you are probably in the saddle right now!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  15. Just because I know you are missing it....the temperature today is 92 degrees and the humidity so high you sweat from just breathing. So we've gone from spring tornadic weather to blistering summer swelter in the space of a week. Indiana weather.

  16. I'm beginning to think I live in Swampland with Aarene.
    Ten days straight of rain. Whatever happened to "it doesn't rain in California?"

    I'm so over the weather. Thought we might go camping in the Sierras. Until I saw it was snowing. In June.

    I feel your pain. At least the rain is warm. If it snows where you are, it's COLD. :(

    We need a weather dance.

  17. Ugh - I saw all kinds of snow out your way on the weather map - it's just not right!

    We've been over a month with no rain. Well, 1/10th of an inch of rain... hot and dry. :(


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