Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sounds sound!

This is a terrible video, but Dixie sounds very even in it. Close your eyes if you get seasick!

Sound sound! from Funder on Vimeo.

So, it's been 2.5 weeks since she got hurt. She's really been a model prisoner patient. The hockey hay net, I think, is a large part of her happiness in life. Gotta remember to take pics and do an updated post about it. If you don't have pasture, you really should consider making some kind of slow feeder for your horse!

Today I took her out for a very short walk and a very satisfying grazing session. Some of my front yard cheatgrass has finally gone to seed, and like Merri says, horses only like it when it's still alive. She picked out the green and purple cheatgrass and seemed to really enjoy the stuff that looks kinda like dandelions.

I could still feel a tiny bit of warmth in her leg before I left last week, but now it's totally gone. She hasn't had filling in the leg since a couple days after the injury. I'm definitely feeling hopeful at this point :)

Gonna try to trim her some tomorrow morning. She was due for a trim a couple days after the injury, but she wasn't comfortable standing on three legs so I postponed it. I can muddle through her hooves for a trim or two, and I'd rather do it myself as slowly as I need to for a bit.


  1. How on earth do you put up with all that traffic in your street!?

  2. She does sound pretty good! Love Cersei bounding around - labs are such happieeee dogs!

  3. Lisa, it's just awful! ;) Jen - it's so hard to be mad at a Cers, even when she's just squeezed under a gate to come cavort in the road. <3


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