Thursday, June 23, 2011

SF #5: I want a houseboat!

Look at these utterly adorable houseboats outside of Marin! I want one.
I want a houseboat

G insists that he's known people who owned houseboats and they only seemed like a good idea at the time and I'd end up hating it and where would I put Dixie, but I don't care!

Look at this adorable little park they live in! It's like the complete opposite of a trailer park!


  1. I'm sure you could fit Dixie on the porch of that red one...

  2. Aren't there house boat barns?! With little gang planks down to on land paddocks... ;)

  3. Swimming is really good for horses...

  4. I've always loved how picturesque the houseboat communities in my neck of the woods are. But I suspect the homes are more fun to photograph than to live in.

  5. Those house boats are simply lovely. I want one.


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