Sunday, June 12, 2011

All residents content*

*dunno about Banders. I don't think he has states of "contentment" in the same way humans, dogs, other cats, etc. do. When he's unhappy he yowls, and sometimes when he appears to be glad to see another creature he purrs and rubs against it, but I don't think he's ever like "aahhh life is good." It's like he's wandering around in a perpetual acid trip.

So here he is in my pitiful garden!

That is my new soaker hose. He stood there, straddling it, as it "came to life" and filled up with water and made odd noises and started to ooze. He wasn't eating any of my seedlings, and he doesn't live in a world that has cause and effect, so I didn't bother to pitch him out of the little garden bed. Bless his heart.

Look at that huge green plant! It's a cucumber, or possibly a cantaloupe. Those are my two best guesses. I planted some seeds way back in March in a fit of optimism. Some of them came up, but then it snowed like 17 more times and I assumed everything died. Not that brave plant or my two spinach (??) plants - there's a maybe-spinach buried in way too close to the maybe-melon, and another maybe-spinach on the top right side of the bed.

I suppose I should eat them, but they've been through so much and they're so stunted and it just doesn't seem right to pluck my only two spinach plants and eat them. Yes, I'm anthropomorphizing my vegetables.

Anyway, there's some other stuff from the May re-planting coming up! All four beans (they're easy to figure out) and some cilantro babies and a bunch of other seeds that I haven't figured out yet. Now that it's probably through snowing for a while I'm making a serious effort to keep them alive. Well. At least I invested $8 in a soaker hose for them.

While I picked Dixie's jail cell, Cers and Banders relaxed in the shade.

Banders was rolling around on his back. I'm telling you, he's tripping all the time. Or talking to fairies. I just don't know about him.

I can't remember why I took this - she was doing something picture-worthy but I don't remember what. Oh well. Horse investigates shavings in world's most banal blog post.

I put up a half-ass fence, too.


  1. I'm no gardener, because I would have sworn that was a Dandelion. Or, perhaps that's Spinach growing ALL OVER my front yard :)

    Our friend has a huge garden every year and I am just amazed by it!

  2. i'm starting beans, take 2 this week. only one pathetic little bean came up out of 50! that is not gonna be enough. i'm jealous of aarene's garden. but i don't think she's started it yet if she's just getting the chickens out of there.

    for the first time i have kohlrabi, a popular german veggie. i had to ask the neighbor, "so do they grow underground like potatoes, or?" and she said "no, above."

    and i did corn again, in the greenhouse, isn't that weird?

    it's too bad about all your work and then more snow came. i hope this time you get a bounty.

    p.s. mane says "wash me" -- that's why you took the photo

  3. Send me a close up of that plant, I can tell you if it is in the squash family. From far away it doesn't look squash-like. Sadly if it is NOT squashish, I can't tell you what it is! *LOL*

    ~E.G. (queen of cucumbers, squash, and zuchinni)

  4. Hahaha ! I was waiting for the "Bless his heart" and you didn't fail me !

  5. If the leave are notched it's cantaloupe...if the edges of the leaves are not notched, it's cucumber.

    I finally got all of my garden put in and it's all coming up nicely! The only thing I forgot this year was sweet potatoes, but they are a pain in the butt to start and I just didn't have time this spring.

  6. "Banders was rolling around on his back. I'm telling you, he's tripping all the time. Or talking to fairies. I just don't know about him."
    BAHAhahahaha . . . describes most cats!! Love it!!
    Great post! Got my day goin' with a smile & chuckles.

  7. Your garden makes me feel so much better about my own. At least you got something planted - I planted nothing and am currently harvesting a nice crop of weeds. :)

  8. Your cat sounds like a trip, or like he's just tripping. How much cat nip does he eat? ;)

  9. Please tell me what your mane care regimen is on Dixie. I was looking at old pictures of Peanut, and his bloody mane is shorter now than when he was younger.

    Or, you might just find a bald horse one day. Gee... wonder how that happened?

  10. What I did get in the ground is taking off nicely...however the other half of what I bought is still in it's little pots...

    Wonder if they will produce if I just leave them there? LOL

    I got tired of weeding, so I bought rolls of landscaping material and laid that down....Sooooo much easier. Did find out that I needed to mulch around the poor little plants I stuck in the middle of it. I fried my first set of cucumbers. sun, black material...seedlings. Seedlings did not survive.

  11. Oh yea..and Banders is 'unique'...LOL.

    Inevitably, I have an entourage of cats when I'm gardening. I don't know what they find so fascinating about me digging in the dirt, but they are more than willing to 'help'. LOL

  12. Thinking that plant is a weed, or maybe you planted some leafy greens? Cukes, squashes, cantaloupes etc send out runners and have long sort of prickly / hairy stems.

    Aren't all cats marching to the beat of their own drum?! Mine sure are. If contentment happens - it seems to be short lived and is usually followed by some sort of freak out - or destruction :)

  13. Your critters are all so cute, and full of personality! :)

  14. is dixie's nose sunburned or is that normal for her?

    baasha's pink legs turned that dark irritated pink when i put extra strength permethrins on them this week. ouch. but we have both tick and mite problems here and they usually start on the legs.

    so far: 4 ticks on me, 2 on the cat, and only 1 on the horse due to the super permethrins (and the cat has frontline but i just need to remember it every month!) too bad there is nothing for people that works systemically.


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