Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SF #1: I am a wizard

So I think rather than trying to do a HUGE POST about SF, I will just do vignettes. This is the best one, IMO.

Friday we had fabulous taqueria food for lunch, then rested a bit. G worked and I chilled out. I was cold (LOL COLD IN JUNE) and wanted to go down to Old Navy (LOL I'M SO CLASSY) and get a cheap summerweight hoodie. (Now I understand summerweight winter clothes!) Anyway G had the iTunes on shuffle, and a Violent Femmes song came on. It wasn't Add It Up and we talked about how that is the superior VF song and how it's a shame we don't have it. Then after enough work and chilling out had been accomplished, we walked down to the big Old Navy by Union Square.

We turned the corner off of Geary and there he was. A grungy looking guy who looked vaguely like Ethan Hawke circa 1998, with a guitar, belting out "why can't I get just one fuck~"

I turned to G and announced "I am a wizard!"


  1. i had a violent femmes tshirt.

    what happened to all my cool stuff?

    *tap tap tap*

  2. I never did! You're cooler than me :O

  3. Awesome, must have something to do with luck.


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