Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sharron Angle would be proud

I just traded a chicken for a birdbath. Go go gadget economy!

One of the banties became an escape artist. She ate part of my garden while I was gone, so I shored up the fence and she stayed in for a day. Then she started getting out again. From Tuesday-Sunday I caught her 1-3x a day and threw her back over the fence with the others. I was complaining about her to M and she said bring her over - M is down to two elderly hens. Later I told M that we should go to a yard sale and find me a bird bath, and she offered me one she wasn't using. I forgot it when I left - but when I got home, the damn chicken was out again. So I threw her in a feed sack, fed everybody else, and went down the street and bartered her for a bird bath.

Look! Guaranteed to not eat your garden plants.
Birdbath for chicken!

*edit* Just for the record, I think Sharron Angle is dumb as rocks and it gives me great pleasure to vote against her.


  1. I think 2 of my chickens ran away from home. My SIL, who lives 1/4 mile from me just got a flock of chickens. She fixed them up a nice coop and I know she doats on those hens. Well, all of a sudden two of mine are gone. I mentioned to my husband and he said he saw a black one in her flock. Guess the grass is greener....

    Maybe I can get a birdbath in exchange!


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