Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SF #2: A truly noble bird

Saturday we rented a Zipcar and zipped around SF and North Bay. We saw a gang of vesperadoes, tough looking Mexican* dudes in matching leather jackets on... scooters. Of course we had to get a picture, to prove it to yall on the Internet, so G went roaring off down Great Highway in hot pursuit of them. Did you know that Vespas can almost outrun a BMW? It's true! But we caught them, and I got my picture.


Then we realized that they had the most noble of birds for their totem - the turkey. Ben Franklin would be proud.

*Can I say Mexican dudes or is that racial? Men of Hispanic origin. How bout that?


  1. i think i know those guys. really!

  2. Vesparados - love it! Much cooler than the over-dressed golf carts that have taken over my town ;)

  3. Vesparados! LOL

    There's a Vespa dealership just a couple miles from me!

  4. They are totally badass.

    I'm loving these vacation posts. You notice the same things I would.


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