Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dead Renegades

These are two year old ~500 mile Renegade hoof boots.

The toes on the fronts are gone

So is the tread

The rears are in better shape. They have slightly fewer miles, and they're still good backup boots.

I changed out the velcro toe straps once, and one of the cables frayed badly and needed to be replaced, but other than that I did no maintenance. I definitely got my money's worth out of them!

This is just another post that someone might be interested in in the future. :)


  1. Mine look exactly like that after one year but they also have about 500 miles on them. The miles were done on gravel roads with lots of cantering and galloping. Great boots. They cost about $360 for the year and for my horse to be shod all year would have cost $600. This was my first year with Renegades. I did not have any cable or velcro issues and never lost one.

  2. Wow, your terrain must really tear them up. I imagine the sand/rocks are hard on them. I've put 800+ miles on my first pair. I have replaced toe straps/gaiter once too. Now on a new pair, nice to have old ones as backups.

  3. Interesting! Yeah, I do almost all my miles barefoot, but when I bother to boot it's for some gnarly rocks. I wondered if they'd worn out faster than if I'd used them on softer terrain.

    The new boots are soooooo new! Like all the plastic is shiny, and the flexible bits are super flexible, and there's not a bit of crap in the velcro. They're so pretty I almost don't want to ride in them. I got orange / bronze this time - I need to file back one of the fronts into a cutback, and hopefully I can get her left heel down and get the other one cut back too. The last pair were 1's in the rear and cutback 1's in the front, and I got so tired of wondering which pair of red boots were the cutbacks. I used different colored carabiners but whenever I'd pull them out again, I never trusted that I'd put them back right the time before!

  4. Aww, may they rest in peace. They had a good life...

  5. Someday I'll figure out how to wear out my pairs... Rose's destructive ways has meant that Gina's number is saved in my phone as I order new parts and have to discuss different fit ideas. I think though I've finally worked the fit/tearing issues out though... yes, Rose has torn those boots in half before. Gina said it was a rare occurrence. She's done it to two. *sigh*

  6. I'm glad to see those pics, as the bottoms show that they would never work for Peanut. They're the wrong shape for his feet.

    I wish I could find some that fit well enough to wear them out... my semi-custom Hoofwings should arrive sometime this week after a 6 month wait, here's hoping that I can show the same kind of pics in the future.


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