Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New clothes, spa day, dance practice

Yes, all the above refers to my horse.

Dixie got a new halter!

Mrs. Mom has started making Horse Paracord Stuff, in exciting colors, and I immediately signed up for a halter. I turned her loose in the backyard and got a couple of good shots (and a bunch of blurry nose pics).

It's big enough for her TWH head! I think she'll have full range of motion with her jaws, so she can comfortably eat with it on. And it is beautifully blue and purple, with nice padding on the crown and nose. Really lovely quality work. There's a tiny blue "button" on the tie end, not big enough to interfere with tying it, that I didn't take a picture of :(

And she sent me a bracelet!

It's pretty comfy as a bracelet, but I might clip it on the saddle if I feel that I need it somewhere. And the neat thing about paracord is that if I really needed some cord for some emergency, I could unravel the bracelet and have like a mile of cord.

Then - AFTER taking pictures, because I'm not too bright - I broke out the new magical shedding block and made a Dixie blizzard.

And it's Wednesday, so we went down to the street to drag the trash bin back to the house. I did a short trot-out on the road, just to make sure she hadn't forgotten how, and she trotted perfectly with no carrots or sticks.

Dixie hasn't done a trot-out in 9 months. The last time was the heartbreaking "please trot so the vet can see how lame you are" in June. :-/ But she looks great, she feels great, her attitude's great, and I'm excited to go ride Saturday.


  1. YAAYYYY have fun this weekend!

  2. Dixie blizzard... *snorts*... anyways have fun at ROM, will be cheering for you guys from Georgia.

    And PS, my last trot out at BS was more of me forcibly dragging my pony at a walk and hopping they wouldn't pull me for a tired pony... who had just come trotting and snorting through the finish line. I think she goes into snooze the second I hope off. Haven't figured out how to wake her up enough to have good trot outs. She always wants to either nap or eat.

  3. I love the new clothes and the blizzard--my favorite kind of blizzard, obviously! The trot-out is a good thing too!

  4. she looks beautiful in that delicate halter. i love the bracelet too.

    i think having a matching lead made out of the knotted cord would be cool too, but i don't know if that would be practical.

  5. LOVE the halter. Must learn how to do that :)
    Good luck this weekend!

  6. Have a great ride--can't wait to hear about it. I love the halter and bracelet--they look very cool--good colors for Dixie (and you)!

  7. Girlfriend, you be styling with your fancy new halter, your new bracelet and the pommel bag strap!! ;) (How do you like the braid style on the bracelet?)

    ** Remember-- if you EVER have to use any of your cord in an emergency situation? Let us know- we'll replace your item for free. The whole point in the cord is to have some on hand in case you need extra rope in a bind.

    KICK A$$ at ROM, you two!! We'll be rooting for you!!!!

  8. Somehow those shedding blocks never quite worked for me, hrm.

    The new duds look great, have fun sporting them at the ride.

  9. I really like the halter and the bracelet - very cool!!


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