Sunday, March 11, 2012

Installing a Hi-Tie on a Trails West Adventure

I think this is the only possible place to mount it. I googled for a while in the hopes that someone else had put pictures up, but no luck, so this is my contribution to the collective knowledge of the internet.

There's a steel header running horizontally just above where I mounted it, but it's too thick for the stock bolts. There's thinner studs around the tack room door, but the bracket is too big (plus it'd be awful to have the horse that close to the tack room). The vertical stud I mounted it to runs from the floor to the header, so it's as good as it gets.

All you need is a corded drill with a quality 1/2" bit. Be careful for the kick when the drill first punches through - you'll be on a ladder leaning into the drill. I just tightened the bolts with channel lock slip joint pliers. Locktite wouldn't hurt. Add some cap nuts if you think your horse could possibly put an eye out. A very easy DIY!


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