Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Den: done

Today the area rug and last floor register arrived, so it's officially completed.

It had the world's nastiest blue carpet:

Now it has cinnamon-colored wood:

I covered the step-down between the two rooms with an oak plank, routered to fit.

And here's the trim around the fireplace (minus the plastic, after the glue dried)

The dog is exceptionally pleased to have her couch back.

It's pretty bitchin.

I can't believe I've been doing this nonstop since New Years.

Tomorrow my friends start coming into town for the AERC Convention this weekend! YAY!


  1. Nicely done! Aren't you going to want to stay with all these awesome improvements? :)

    1. Snicker. Don't you want to KEEP riding bareback now that you've gotten so good at it? ;)

    2. Sort of. I mean, I feel like I should... ;)

  2. Bitchin is right. And that WAS really ugly carpet. Its like a 1000% improvement. Ya done good. Have fun at the convention.

  3. That looks great!! Love the floors. I'm not sure about that being the world's ugliest blue carpet ever, though. I believe that was in my house when we moved in- blue jean colored indoor/outdoor. No kidding. Gag.

  4. Totally bitchin! It looks FANTABULOUS!!...what a way to wrap up the week and then off to have your fun!!!

  5. Of all of the times I have fixed up a place to sell, I have never wanted to stay when I finished.

    I have, however, ALWAYS wondered why I didn't fix it up sooner so I could enjoy it.

    Bill (Looks GREAT!)

  6. That is some wonderful place! Funder? Your a genius!

  7. That is phenomenal. Beyond bitchin'. Amazing job! Have fun with friends at the convention!!

  8. WOW..... that is an incredible improvement. It looks great!

  9. The wood really warmed the room up and made it more airy. So much easier to clean too


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